Monday, June 28, 2010

Chambers/Evans Football Camp

Last Saturday, I made my annual trip to Bedford High School to evaluate campers at the Chambers/Evans Football Camp. The day was one of the best spent camp days this summer. Over 200 campers with most coming from the city showed their skills and competed.

Have known both Chris Chambers and Lee Evans since their high school days at Bedford High School. Yes, both went on to successful careers at Wisconsin. Now both are enjoying successful careers on the pro level. Lee at Buffalo and Chris at Kansas City. Both are so "grounded," and so helpful to the campers, but that is what I expected to see from them.

Campers did all kinds of football related drills in the morning. Late morning they went to position drills. For me, this was a good time. Not only did I get to see kids compete in drills, but I also could evaluate skill levels. Prospects from 9-12 grades participated. At this time of year I concentrate on underclassmen.

In the afternoon schools competed in 7on7 contests. And compete they did. Only once did I see maybe a little too much energy. That was quickly defused. Really that was just a firecracker. Campers played hard and competed.

Through Chambers' 84 Foundation each camper was given a shirt/short combo. Impressive! Really believe that helped prospects pump out their chests and show uniformity. For the record, the cloth was of hgigh quality. The whole atmosphere was first class. From Chris and Lee, down to the ladies who helped with lunch. Chris would be the first to admit that without the competent directors. instructors, and camp help, Lee and he would not be able to pull it off.

In conjunction with Key Bank, the foundation awarded two scholarships, each valued at $1,500. These were awarded after the camp picture.

Shaker Heights, Central Catholic, John Adams, East Tech, and Westlake were in one division. Richmond Hts, Lincoln West, St Joe's, Coliinwood, and Shaw were in the other division.

I always appreciate the invitation to come to the camp. Of course, evaluating talent is what I do, but just being able to witness first hand the growth of the camp, makes it all worthwhile. Although both Lee and Chris are not in my income bracket(LOL), they have not let fame and fortune turn their back on their roots.

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