Friday, July 16, 2010


As many of my friends(maybe two) know, I am really guarded when it comes to media, probably more specific, internet media writing about high school prospects in the recruiting world. I realize for many it is their income and livelihood. Newspaper reporters are much the same. But the word I hear sometimes is "entitlement." For the most part that word bothers me.

Because they report for a national recruiting service such as Rivals, they are entitled to information from the coach or the parents or the prospect. Media feel they are allowed free admission to high school games, sideline credentials, and really free access to a prospect, anytime. The old head football coach in me has a hard time with that.

Here is the point. Every once in a while I feel that I am entitled to go any place on a football field. Yes, the "over-rated" McCallister feels this. Yesterday was one of those times. I was walking off the field after a series of plays and talking with a QB. An assistant coach for one of the city schools in C-bus yelled at his QB. "Get over. He (McCallister) is not important. This guy's important. (Pointing to the OC)."
WOW! He was right and I was wrong. Entitlement??

Needless to say, I walked away feeling like the "north end of horse, looking south." Apologized to the QB later. Entitlement? McCallister - not important. That might be the smartest comment that coach made all day. I needed that little lesson.

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