Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poor Buckeyes

Recently, at the Ohio High School Football Coaches Clinic I was joking around with Coach Tressel. I told him that I would know longer being sharing recruiting opinions with him. As Coach Tressel often does, he gave me the raised eyebrow look. I told him since Rivals and Scout and some of the "self-annointed experts only rated O-State 17th that I could no longer learn anything from the O-State staff. But doesn't that make sense? They are the experts and know exactly what Ohio State needs.

Obviously, there are some that can evaluate, but some collect information. Never look at video, never go to camps, and never are on the sidelines. A few years ago there was a guy here in Ohio that would evaluate propects. In fact, I heard that he still has a cult. The sad thing was that he NEVER left his house to attend a game or a camp. Another guy with a lot of clout was a former mailman. Tremendous at taking pictures and collecting information. But he collected his information from colleges in exchange for lists of names. More recently, a guy was laid off from his factory work. Wrote a couple of articles and now he is guru. Of the course, my friend the Frito Bandito, has convinced his cult that understands evaluating prospects.

This not to really be negative about talent evaluators. Bill Conley, now the Head Coach at Ohio Dominican, is really good. The point is do not get caught into what guys like John McCallister says. Get your son into a camp this summer and let him compete. Non verbal actions by a college coach will tell what the coach thinks. They are the ones that matter.

Over and over, I tell people that I am a "kid's guy," almost to a fault. Because when it is all said and done, the prospect is the one who either is "the statue or the pigeon." I do not want young high school prospects being the "statue." Parents. high school coaches, and internet media that is their problem, but the kids are what it all about. By the way, colleges pay me for information, not the kids.

In closing, just be honest with prospects. If it is too good to be true, it probably is. My diectories are done and ready to be picked up.

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