Sunday, February 28, 2010

A New Porter on the Way

As I have learned and continue to learn, the world of "Internet Media," and me do not always agree. Their goals and my goals are sometimes not the same. Their job is to get the recruiting tidbits. Mine is to provide colleges with information. Mark Porter is doing a really good job of promoting high school talent in Ohio. But behind every good man is a better than good woman.

Stephanie Porter is a bright light on a sometimes very busy sidelines on a Friday night. She takes pictures and pictures and more pictures. And she is everywhere, weaving in and out, of novice camera people. But the nicest thing about Steph is that she always has that big smile. Now, it is not the "used car salesman's" smile. It is the "glad to see you" smile. She lights up the whole field, plus is everywhere on the field with her tripod and camera.

Now the even better news. Steph and Mark are soon to have a lifestyle change for the better. Hopefully, the baby will arrive in the next two and half weeks. I wish them the very best and know that they are going to be wonderful parents. Can almost guarantee that whether boy or girl, the baby will have a drive to be the best. The best to the Porters.

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