Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MSR Branching Out

Last Sunday had the priviledge of talking "football recruiting" with parents and players at Streetsboro High School. Head Coach John Arlesic told the audience that I had about a 15 minute presentation. Fifteen minutes on any area of football. Yea right!!!

With daughter Kristy's construction of a Power Point, I was "bigtime." All of this time, I thought a "power point," was when you really jammed your finger at someone. But I did provide the information and she provided the visual.

Honestly, my presentation lasted for about 45 minutes. After that, there was Q&A time. Many good questions were asked. Coach Arlesic provided insight from the head coach's viewpoint.

Talked about the positives of football recruiting, including visits, unofficial visits, meeting coaches, and recognition. Also spent time on camps, combines, visits, self promotion, videoes, academics, recruiting services, internet media, and guidelines to parents, prospects, and coaches.

Over the years, I have listen to recruiting talks, and so much time was spent on statistics, on how to study, on how to select schools, and the role of the parent. This is really good, but nobody ever got or gets to the meat and potatoes. People need to hear the real world. They need to hear some real examples about verbal commitments and recruiting services among other topics.

Hopefully, the parents and players learned something. If something like this sounds interesting, contact me. Anytime that you want to talk "football recruiting," is time well spent. Trust me, it will be more than 15 minutes.

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