Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vannet Can Play

Watched Nick Vannet(TE from Weesterville Central) play hoops last night and came away impressed.Kind of reminds me of Brandon Carozzoni(TE from St Ignatius) who will attend Pitt this fall. Tall and long, with the potential to add strength and weight. Good ball skills. Catches and throws really well. Good feet. Got up and down the floor with little effort. Like his self confidence and his coachableness(new word).

Where does he play? Really til I see him in camp it is hard to say. Big Ten player potential. I have heard O-State has offered, but did not ask him. Needs to get stronger as a blocker, but he makes the effort to block. Most definitely has pass catching skills. Right now he is the best TE prospect that I seen in the 2011 Class.

Talked with him a few minutes to wish him "Good Luck," and came awayed impressed with his presence and class. To me, that is very important in the evaluation of a prospect.

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