Friday, January 29, 2010

Highlight Video

Marketing is the name of the game, I guess. The internet media is amazing. But more than that are the companies who are creating highlight videos for not only football players, but all sports and for kids of all ages. These people have to be making a "killing" on the market. I have just finished over 100 videos with many more to evaluate. But one stands out in particular.

Of course, I am not going to name this young man from Central Ohio, but he comes a very highly visable program. The box has a an action picture on the front and smaller action pictures on the back. All of the contact information, which is well done by the way, is very complete. Everything from the coach's contact information to parents' email and cell phone.

On the DVD itself all of the contact information and physical size is repeated. The first part of the DVD again repeats all of the information a third time. Also listed here are all of the accomplishments. The quality of the video is excellent. A big arrow with his number identifies the prospect. The arrow follows him the whole play. Now this does not stop after just a few plays. Every play is done this way. Over and over again.

His profile page is really good. Very detailed. Again another picture of himself in his uniform. A suggestion here would be to have a picture in normal dress. You can see the real you. This young man also took the time to write a full page bio about himself. I mean very, very complete.

All kinds of highlight videos come across my desk. Ones with blinking lights, ones with music, ones with advertising all over (including the border), and ones that show a good hit over and over and over again.

If your purpose is to have something for a scrapbook or to give to grandparents, girlfriends, or to watch when you are 45 years old, then these kinds of videos are wonderful. If they are to post on websites, that too is good. Hopefully, if you post on a website, you realize that that does not necessarily mean that you are top rated player. One site two years said that the only way that they would rate a player in Ohio was if you sent them a video. What's up with that?

If you have extra money, getting a highlight DVD is probably a good idea. The DVD will provide wonderful memories. Will it WOW the college evaluators, probably not. Why would it? They want to see meat and potatoes.

My answer. Get all of the games that you can get from your coach. Go through the games and select 40 plays that you think are really good. Twenty-five plays is more than enough for evaluators, but 40 gives you a supply. If I was the coach, it would be imperative for the player to select the plays. Now, parents can not blame the coach for selecting bad plays. Of course, you know that it happens.

Next, if you can highlght the first 6 to 7 plays, do it. This gives the evaluator a starting point. After a certain amount of plays, he will be locked into that player. If you do have the capabilty to highlight the plays, do not worry. Coaches can find you on a DVD. No music or flashing lights at this time. You are done. That is the meat and potatoes.

Also select two games that you feel that you did well. These are in reserve. If the coach likes what he sees on a highlight DVD, he is going to ask for game video. Boom - Right there, you have the games ready to mail. You are set and do not have to panic to find games.

Finally have your coach mail the DVD's to the perspective college programs. Go through your coach with everything.

Do you realize that once a school receives the DVD, it is reviewed quickly, and then put in the school's computer system? Hopefully, it is not put on a shelf, never to be seen again.

"It is what it is." If is a "keepsake," or for the internet, make your DVD. If it is for the colleges, keep it plain and simple. Good luck.

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