Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wrestling in Columbus

Upper Sandusky did not have a wrestling program back in the day. In fact, the only wrestling I followed were guys like Bobo Brazil and Chief White Owl. Over the years, however, I have become a fan of Ohio High School wrestling. "Man on man" and no one to blame, but the wrestler himself. With my scouting business, watching football prospects on the mat is just another way to evaluate.

Tylor Trautwein(Fremont Ross) wrestles 189. Plays LB at Ross, but will need to improve overall speed. As soon as wrestling is over, he will add 20 pounds and be a force. Not a 1A guy for me yet, but a scholarship guy.

Anthony Wise(Massillon Perry) wrestles 215. 40-5 for the season. Started out last season at DE, but moved inside due to no defensive tackles. Like him at DE or LB, but if he can get really big, may be able to play inside. Tough enough and quick enough. Just get bigger.

Kyle Rose(Centerville) wrestles at 215. Finished 5th last year. Plays DE for the Hawks. Really like his toughness and quickness. Motor runs all of the time. Hard to ask him to gain weight, because if things go well, he should be wrestling in the finals both this year and next year.

Evan Jackson(Bishop Hartley) wrestles at 215. Liked Evan on the football field last fall. Today, I can watch for toughness, leverage, and balance. Not really well known right now in the recruiting world, but one who needs to be evaluated.

Watched Mike Strenger(Clinton Massie) as a run stopper against Kenton in the playoffs last year. Big heavyweight with 36-7 record. Really tough and has good leverage. Want to see quickness and just how proportioned his body is.

One of the seniors who I am looking forward to watching is heavyweight Tyler Obringer(Spencerville). A D3 wrestler(42-1) who is going to Ball State on a football scholarship. First saw Tyler on the wrestling mat his sophomore year and admired his toughness. Needs fine tuned as a football player, but should really add to Ball State football in two years.

Part of the fun of going to track meets and wrestling matches is to try to discover a prospect who I was not aware of before. Basketball is a little different, because are really just looking at certain kids. In all cases, you see prospects a different way. Also of importance, you have a chance to watch underclassmen perform early in their careers. Although video study is really important, scouting and evaluating is much more.

Probably will not see the "coco butt" or the "flying mare," but I will see very tough competitors at all weights trying to be the best individuals they can be. Looking forward to it.

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