Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All Everything Awards

With the high school football regular season coming to a close, the All-League, the All-District, All-City, All-County, All-Websites(?)and All-Ohio teams will soon be selected and announced in November. Also selected will the Player of the Year awards. Both defensive and offensive players will be selcted, culminating with the announcement of "Mr. Football."

Every year I get emails and player profiles from college prospects listing all of the awards that the young man received. I applaud the efforts of these young men. They have had a really good season and have been instrumental to the success of each ones team's success. But the recognition is just that. A post season award is not necessarily an indication he is a D1 scholarship prospect.

Height and weight are still important. Speed and footwork are important. Grades and test scores, obviously, are very important. As much as I hate to admit it, level of competition is important in some cases. I do not necessarily agree with all of this, but, as I often say,"It is what it is."

Detailed profiles and DVD's with music and flashing lights do not really influence many college recruiters. Save your money and time. Give college recruiters the basic information, but be complete. Do not put too much emphasis on your post season awards, but, of course, mention them.

Sometimes awards can be very political. When I was a head football coach many years ago, we were the northern most D5 school in the Central District. We were almost certain to get a first team All Central District player every year. Why? Because the AP wanted our area of the Central District represented.

If a team has had a really, really GOOD year, more than likely they will have a large number of players selected. Although they deserve the recognition, that does not mean that they are all scholarship prospects.

This is not meant to be a negative view point. Having high school football players "frustrated," is never fun for me. I try to be as honest, as I can be. Sometimes I am honest to a fault. If you, as a prospect, ever need advice please contact me.

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