Friday, October 16, 2009

Scouts Watch All Levels

Always amazes me when I see photographers and "self annointed" recruiting experts "slobbering" over a possible O-State recruit. Of course, I realize that is what sells, but what about the other D1 prsopects. Who evaluates them? When the overlooked recruit starts making the colleges' list, now he is termed "under the radar." Whose radar?

Now I am not "stroking my ego" but here is this weekend's schedule.

Leaving for Cincinnati about 1PM. Will be at Finneytown to watch Finneytown host Wyoming. Might get ugly. But Finneytown has a really good 211 OL prospect in Donavan Clark. Big and good feet. He matches up against a senior DL going to Indiana. Wyoming has a nice 211 QB. Also has a transfer from Lakota East, Troy Davis, who has bounced around three schoolsin three years. Thinks he is a big time basketball player. Need to see him. Finneytown has not won a game, but may have a blue chip junior.

North College Hill has an athletic QB(211). Also have two WR's(both 211). NCH is undefeated playing a team who has won one game.

Saturday will watch one of the top programs in Ohio- St Xavier- host St Ed's from Cleveland. St Ed's(year in and year out one of the better programs) is struggling
somewhat this year. Steve Daniels a 211 OLB prospect is probably the top junior. But St X does have some young guys, as does St Ed's.

On the way home to Upper Sandusky, I will catch Taft playing Dayton Dunbar. Need to checkout a DE(211 class) from Taft. RJ Williamson(211DB)from Dunbar has been one of my favorites. Needs to continue to play better, but I need to see him. Both schools have good young kids to evaluate.

I guess my point is that D1 college prospects come from all levels of schools and
competition. They need to be evaluated and get exposure, if warranted. Be patient high school players. If you are good enough, most of the time, someone will see you.

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