Sunday, October 18, 2009

Big Weekend of Football

This past weekend I was able to get to five high school games. Of course, I was not able to watch complete games. But for what I do, my purpose is to evaluate players rather than games. Anyway, I saw some really good football players, both young and old and from both small and large schools.

One of the best prospects who I saw was a sophomore from an inner-city school in Cincinnati. The kid runs and hits. Played a number of positions on both offense and defense. At least 6'3-230. Most importantly, his motor runs all of the time. Liked everything about him, including his 3.0+ GPA. Plays hard and hurt.

The flip side: I watched a junior linebacker from one of the private schools in Cincinnati. He is on my early top list. Strong. But it stops there. I was not impressed with his effort. Did not play every down hard. I believe that he is a good run stopper. Needless to say I was disappointed.

The point: I always preach about if you are good enough someone will see you. This is the case. You do not have to play in an elite program. Play hard, make the grades, and take coaching. You will get found!

I wish could somehow provide insight to another situation. Watched a nice OL/DL on Friday night. Class of 2011. Probably 6'4 - 270. Excellent burst. Natural bender. Possibly a DT, but a definite OL guy. Problem: Team was down 21-0 after eight minutes. He kept playing hard, but wonder how he would play if the game was much closer. No knock on his team, because they played hard, but were outmanned.

No names need to be mentioned. Just trying to make a point about the importance of playing hard every down. College coaches watch highlight video, but they also watch complete games on video. Play hard every down.

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