Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Internet Recruiting Crap - Part One

One of my good friends who happens to be one of those "O-State football recruiting sillies," called me two nights ago with news that Braxton Miller missed last week's game, because he hit his girlfriend. Obviously, my first comment was "where did you hear that crap from?" One of his Buckeye Buddies read it on a website covering OSU football. The rumor mill was set in motion. Because I think the worl of Braxton Miller, QB from Wayne, I had to make some calls.

Braxton has a deep thigh bruise, and still not healed completely. Braxton had an argument with his girlfriend LAST SUMMER. Case closed. The person who put the word out said Miller had a fight( but not a Physical) with his girlfriend and was held out of the game. This same nationally known columnist(sarcasm) says that Braxton has privately committed to the Buckeye staff. According to my guys, NOT SO. The columnist and who happens to own the website has "lotsa of money." His evaluations are senseless. He has "lotsa money." I will not mention his name to avoid anymore recognition. Please do not believe that stuff.

The "Braylon Edwards" of the world can handle the negative publicity. Most college kids can handle the negative publicity. But do we need to "beat-up," high school juniors? Do we have to spread gossip about them? I know "tabloids" sell to a certain cult, be do we have to gossip about 15-16 year olds.

Football recruiting websites feed the fans. The object is to be the first one with the news. There is nothing I can say that will change that small cult's minds. Please do not believe everything that you read.

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