Sunday, June 29, 2014

Chris Chambers Foundation Football Camp

        Yesterday, I made my annual trip to Bedford High School to evaluate campers at the Chris Chambers Foundation Football Camp. Now retired from the NFL, Chris lives in Florida, but comes back to Bedford to host his camp every June.
        First met Chris when he was staring at Bedford High School as a wide receiver. He went on to Wisconsin and later to the NFL. With all of his success on the football field, he is still the same Chris Chambers who I knew in high school. Class act!
       Ted Ginn, Jr worked the wide receivers at the camp. Just talked with "Little Ted" for a few minutes, but he seems to be happy with the Arizona Cardinals. As I would expect, he just enjoys working with kids and trying to make them better.
       A lot of good young prospects were on the field, but for most, I need to see more  this fall. Spent a lot of my time watching the younger players. However, there were some older ones who continue to impress me.
       Warren Harding's James Daniels (2015) came to the camp to work out for his Uncle who helps run the camp. The camp is for skilled players. Being 6'4-280, James is an OL/DL guy who among others has been offered by Ohio State and not a skilled player. But he ran in all of the drills and ran well. Good bender. Strong. Best of all, good character kid. Non committed now. Just has something that I like about him.
        Brandon Harris (2015) from East Cleveland Shaw recently committed to Bowling Green. Bowling Green offered him as an "athlete." Honestly, they got a "steal." Guessin 6'2-205 and he is all over the field. Can run, catch, and change direction. Really competitive. Will either be a receiver or an inside DB. One of the best players at this camp.
        Linebackers Marquise Copeland and London Cloud both in the 2015 Class at Bedford played well in 7on7 competition. Both strong and fast enough. Of course, they are more effective with pads on. Marquise is going to Cincinnati and London will play for Ohio Universty. Have watched both since their sophomore years.
       Former Glenville linebacker Matt Draper is playing his senior year at Brush High School. As a sophomore, he drew a lot attention as an LB. Surprised that he has gotten heavy and does not run as well. Honestly, I am somewhat concerned about effort. Although just a camp, he needs to be more focused and get better.
       Chawntez Moss from Bedford has the quickness, burst, and speed that a coach likes in a running back. Only a junior, I really like his physical tools. Guessin 5'11-190. Guessin 4.6 every time he runs the 40.  Also like his toughness. This fall, I am looking forward to see him getting around the corner, because I know that he can run between the tackles. Could be one of the tops in his 2016 Class.
       There is just something about Glenville QB Marcus Drish. Guessin 5'10-185 (at least). A back-up last year as a sophomore, this will be his time. Strong arm. Good feet. Deceptive speed. Really athletic. Good enough to be a receiver. Like his leadership skills. Once he gains some game experience, he should be okay.
        As I said earlier, I like the potential of many of the younger players, but too early to mention them. East Cleveland Shaw has two good young prospects. Bedford has a sophomore WR/DB planning to go both ways. Just too early.
        Chris Chambers always runs a disciplined camp. Actually, we talked about working together on some ways to get kids better. That would be interesting.

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