Monday, June 23, 2014

OL Commit Kevin Feder from New Jersey

       Read in the Dispatch this morning, that Ohio State received a commitment from a big offensive tackle from Don Bosco High School in New Jersey. Actually he had committed to University of Miami back in December, but "flipped" after attending Ohio State's camp  I watched Kevin Feder at Ohio State's one day camp last Thursday. The more I watched and learned about him, the more impressed I became.
       I watched with some caution, however, because had only rated him a three star. He was only ranked 18th best prospect in New Jersey and the 82nd best offensive tackle nationally. Because I put so much credence in the recruiting sites like, Rivals, and 247sports, and the "star" system, I was afraid that I was wasting my time. (Hopefully, reading my "stuff," you realize the sarcasm here.)
      An leg injury last year and the fact that he only played defense at Don Bosco High School, made the judgment of OL coach Ed Wariner's unique. At Ohio State's camp, was the only real offensive blocking that he has done. Listed 6'9-310, so probably 6'8-300, the cat can run. Fastest OL guy at the camp. This was proven by a sprint at the end of camp.
      Watched him a lot. In the one on one's, which for the most part is a waste of time, he did okay. He was beaten off the edge a few times. But he bends well. Feet are okay. Does not play basketball. If you keep remembering that this camp was the first time that he lined up on offense or that he is listed 6'9-310 and trying to block smaller quicker DE, you realize Ohio State has a possible big time player.
       For me a "no-brainer," because I like long tall offensive linemen, who can move their feet and have the potential to add lots of weight. Sounds silly, but he is almost a "freak," because he runs so well and has the potential to get huge. Plus he is smart. Another silly comment, but if he keeps working and is coached well, he will make money on Sundays. But what do I know, I told Taylor Decker the same thing.
       Since this is not an Ohio State recruiting site, I really am not applauding the work of Ohio State. They did some work, however, and Ed Wariner saw what I saw.. The point that I am trying to make is that the "star" system is meant to be entertaining. Please do not take them seriously. Smile, but please do not take them seriously. Some college want the "splash, which is scary.
       Kevin Feder believes that he is a potential 5-star, but is rated a 3-star. If he keeps working hard and stays focused, he will be a top left tackle at Ohio State University. If he keeps working hard and  stays focused, he will make money on Sundays. That is good enough for me.

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Tim Downs said...

This piece gets ..... three-stars. Couldn't help my wacky humor got the best of me! Saw this kid Thursday as well. He will be good if he gets stronger and improves technique. OSU can do that if he's coachable.