Friday, June 13, 2014

Some Campers at the Showcase

As I blogged earlier in the week, getting really good looks at football players in continuous rain is really hard to do. When no testing is done, and when few agility drills are run, evaluating a prospect is difficult. However, players got to "ball" for almost three hours, and they really seem to enjoy that.
Offensive Lineman
     Jeff Nogai - Johnstown HS -  Passes eyeball test. 6'5-291. Needs to keep working on feet.
    Elijah Woolam - Jackson HS -  Like size. Saw him play last year. Good feet. Better bender.
    Dylan Murphy - Watterson HS -  6'6-262. Explosive. Strong. Be better bender.
          Like potential.
    Nick Rosi - Olentangy Liberty HS -  Good feet. 6'2-245. A freshman with lots of potential.
    William Strawser - Olentangy HS -  Hurt ankle and did not see many reps. Potential.
    Andrew Rosi - Olentangy Liberty -  6'4(almost)-215. Athletic. Excellent frame. Competes.   
          Huge upside. Will be either one of the top TE's or DE or OL's in the Class of 2017. A top
     Dalton Strunk - Lakota East HS -  Big frame. Good explosion.
     Seth Vargo - Danbury HS - Strong arm. 6'2-190. Needs to work on release. Like his    
    AJ Hughes - Revere HS -  Strong arm. 6'3-203. Needs to work on technique. Potential.
   Alec Foos - Bellevue HS -  Measured 6'0-165. Needs to get stronger, but like his release.
   Dustin Crum - Midview HS -  Like his potential. Needs to work on technique.
   Kyle Vantrease - Stow HS -  Strong arm. Measured 6'2-197. Really like his potential.
   Zach Larkin - Hamilton Badin HS - Strong arm. 6'4-190. Like release. Improved arm strength.
          Toughness surprised me. Could be one of the top QB's in the Class of 2016.
   Gunnar Hoak - Coffman HS -  Keeps getting stronger/bigger. Quick release. Like his release.
          Will be one of the top QB's in the Class of 2016.
   John Henry - Marietta HS -  Athletic. Strong arm. Need to see more. 6'3-200. Really like his   
   Trent Burke - Westerville South HS -  Continues to improve. Strong arm. 6'1-193.
  Running Backs
     Antwuan Johnson Dayton Dunbar HS -  Excellent hands. Good hips. 6'0-213. If he keeps    
              focused will be one of top RB's in the Class of 2018.
     Daniel Banks - Nordonia HS - Both RB/CB. Track fast. Excellent hips. 5'9-155. Will be one
              of the top recruits in the Class of 2017.
      Stephen Headings - Coffman HS - Strong runner. 5'11-207. Need to see more. Like his
      Nick Cox - Wellston HS - Strong runner. Fast. 6'0-185. Need to see this fall.
      Terrell Washington - Thomas Worthington HS -  Athletic. Quickness. Also plays QB.
             5'11-187. Need to see more.
      Erik Davis - Rossford HS - Also plays DB. Fast. Tough. A better DB prospect.
      Robert Fusner - Central Crossing HS -  6'1-209. Runs well. Liked his lateral movement. Tough.
       Landon Hall - Wapakoneta HS - Runs well. Athletic. Wrestled at State Meet. 6'2-185. One to watch.
       Roen McCullough - Kilbourne HS - One to watch. 6'1-216. Like his toughness. Runs well.
       Derrick Harvey - Buchtel HS - Fast. Like lateral movement. 6'1-198. Competed hard. Like potential.
       Jarrid Fisher - Lakota East HS - Runs well. Like his toughness. Started as a 10th grader.  Really like potential.
       Andrew Malick - Westerville North HS - Closes well. 6'1-211. Need to see more. Competed hard.
       Griffin Hoak - Coffman HS - Like his toughness. 6'1-195. Runs well. Good hips. Could be one of the top five LB's in the Class of 2018.
Defensive Lineman
      Chris Williams - Wellston HS - Powerful. Good burst. 6'1-265. Ran well for size.
      Antonio Shelton - Westerville North HS - Excellent quickness. Explosive. Strong. Needs to
           work on balance, but will be okay. Could be really good.
      Ryan Strawser - Olentangy HS -  Athletic. Good balance. Needs to get bigger and stronger.
     Collin Brown - Upper Sandusky - Explosive. Strong. Powerful. Needs to continue to work on technique. 6'2-280. Sleeper.
     Travis Sanders - Thomas Worthington HS - Need to see more. Strong. Good balance. Be better bender.
      Dalton Jordan - Thomas Worthington HS - Strong. Athletic. Need to see more.
Defensive Backs
      Jatairis Grant - Akron Garfield HS - All of the tools. Fast. Good hips. Recovers well. Fast.
           Will be one of the top CB's in the Class of 2016. BCS level. Special
DeJon Jordan - Walnut Ridge HS -  Fast. 6'1-192. May grow into an OLB.
Michael Ayers - Walnut Ridge HS - Needs to get faster/stronger, but should. Getting faster.  
          6'2-150. Liked his attitude. Good hips.
Brendan White - Olentangy Liberty - HS - Wants to be a wideout. If he continues to get
          bigger/faster, he will be one of the best FS in the Class of 2017. Smart. Tough.
Wide Receivers
Cole Virgin - Elyria Catholic HS -. Need to see more. Good size. Excellent hands.
Jacob Dues - Minster HS -  Athletic. Catches well. Speed? One to watch.

       I have made all kinds of excuses for my not doing a good job of evaluating many of the campers at the Showcase. My coaches gave me many of these players to watch. Tried to see most. Obviously, I have missed listing some. All of the campers are on my list. If I can, I will list some more names in a blog next week.

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