Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Brief Summary about the Showcase

       After the Showcase last Sunday, I have spent the last three days doing the "satellite" college football camp circuit. For people looking for the Showcase summary and names, something should be up by Friday morning.
      Due to the weather, evaluating players was somewhat difficult.
      Testing was eliminated. Just could not see running 40's and the proshuttle in the rain. Players could slip and hurt themselves. Times would not have been as fast. I wish that I could seen some of the DB's and WR's run, but not worth the risk.
      Wet floors caused me to have the players measured in shoes, which I do not like to do. Not as accurate. After about 45 players getting weighed, it was discovered that the scales needed adjusted. - 12 pounds too light. Of course, not as accurate.
      After registration was completed, wind caught the tent and water poured over the registration forms. Still have the cards, so all was not lost.
      Along with not doing testing, I also skipped the football agility drills and went straight to position specfic drills. I really like the agility drills as a way to evaluate prospects. Also we use the same agility drills, that most of the colleges use, which helps college prospects get ready for camps.
      Hopefully, because of the rainy weather, we only had 141 campers. But the campers  played football for almost three hours. The OL/DL guys went "one on one" for a long time. Along with the agility drills, and the indivdual drills, they spent alot of time "getting better."
       Quarterbacks got a ton of work. Footwork drills. Lots of throwing. Only McCallister would still push QB's to throw hard and accurately, even though the balls were totally soaked after being in the rain for 3 hours. The QB talent impressed me. Really like the potential of some of the young QB's.
        Some good young LB'ers worked out. DB's and WR's were good. Although only going into their freshman year, two of the "potentially" top players in the Class of 2018, worked out. Of course, as silly as it sounds, these two are going to be good.
        I have already started working on changes for next year. Some areas, I need to do a better job of explaining to coaches want I want. We lost some of the underclassmen to college camps held on the same day. To some extent, I understand. A young lineman travels to Virginia Tech? Underclassman need exposure and only a few camps in the Midwest can do that. Last year, the weather was really hot. This year the weather was really wet. Two major changes are possible and could really help attendance.
         Bottom line - players seemed to enjoy the work. Received some nice emails from parents. As long as the McCallister Scouting Service can help "kids" get better the right way, can help "kids" get educated about football recruiting the right way, and can help "kids" get exposure the right way, we should be okay.
         Some campers' names and some brief comments about them by Friday. Now to Paul Brown Stadium for some football.

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