Sunday, December 1, 2013

McCallister Cheers for Players

      Living on four acres of land south of Upper Sandusky and great weather, left me little time to watch the Michigan-Ohio State yesterday. Traveling to Mansfield to watch the Bishop Hartley - Akron Manchester game last night left me little time to watch the Missouri game last night. Just getting to the point in my life where sitting and watching college football for four quarters takes a back-seat when there are more important things to do. Had a funny thing happen at McD's this morning.
      Like almost any other area in Ohio, most people bleed scarlet and gray. On of my friends (60 years old) ask me what I thought of the Mich-OSU game. Before I could answer, he promptly told me that OSU was overlooking Michigan, because "everybody knows we (he is not an OSU grad) own them." My answer was "did not see much of the game, but both teams must have played well." After listening to a long five minutes of his " Ohio State chatter and his lamenting the fact that the national perception of Ohio State is not good," I simply said that I cheer for players and not teams. He acted like I "spit on the cross."
      Years ago I remember watching Illinois assistant coach Tim Kish running across the field after they beat Michigan. Kish has been a good friend of mine for years. Some Michigan coaches, as well, have been good friends of mine. I remember telling Debbie that I have to be neutral and cheer for teams.
      Since I know many of the former Ohio high school players now playing college ball, I cheer for players, not teams. Players success is what it is all about for me. Whether at Mich, Mich St, O-State. Ohio Dominican, Ashland, Bluffton, or any other school. I do not care for some of the college coaches, assistants. as well as head coaches, but none the less, I applaud the Ohio players.
     Braxton Miller has always been a favorite, because he is simply a "winner." One Coilumbus sports talk show idiot questioned his toughness back in September. He went to a QB guru (?) in California. Urban Meyer tried to mess with his personality. Braxton will win and he has always been good to me.
     I used to joke with OSU's Devin Smith about making plays. Seems like almost everybody questions his toughness, but all he does is make "big plays."
    Former OSU QB Troy Smith always took time to chat with me. Part of the reason could be that I told him coming out of Glenville that he was the best QB prospect, including Massillon's QB. Actually, Ohio State recruited him as an athlete.
    Do you think that if Missouri played Oho State, that I want Maty Mauk to throw three picks and fumble? Of course, not.
    Michigan's players with Ohio backgrounds are good kids. I applaud them. TE Jake Butte played well last Saturday, round shoulders and all. Kalis is getting better. Warren's Davion Smith could do very good things at Michigan. On person close to the Ohio State program told me that Michigan taking players out of Ohio, just to take players. Okay? 
    St Ignatius's Dan Fox is a starting linebacker at Notre Dame. I cheered for him last night against Stanford.
     Groveport's Le'veon Bell played well at Michigan State. I remember when he jumped 6'1 as a sophomore in high school. He was clueless as to what he was doing.
     As hard as it would be to believe, I speak with NFL scouts concerning the background's of some of the Ohio kids. Not all of the time, but I do. If I talk about them, I should cheer for them.
     The list could go on and on. Hopefully, there is no need to be "self promoting." Evaluating and helping high school players to be successful have always been two important parts of what I do. Sorry, if I do not get all "giddy," about certain colleges throughout the country. But, if they have a former Ohio high school, I will get excited for him.
      Yea Ohio High School FOOTBALL!

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Southwest Ohio Parent said...

Your passion for the players speaks volumes about you. You are a great person to put the time and effort in evaluating these kids and giving honest opinions to college coaches. I have found the evaluating and recruiting of my son to be very confusing at times with some companies wanting me to pay thousands to have my son recruited. You are truly a great person and your opinion is very respected by all. I enjoy reading your blogs and commend you on the service you provide for the young athletes. Your honesty and sincerity shines bright in a difficult process for parents, and student athletes. It was great talking to you and your advice has been greatly appreciated. Thank You!