Sunday, December 15, 2013

Canceling the McCallister/Mauk QB/REC Camp

      After church this morning, I dropped just over five hundred letters in the mail to high school coaches through out Ohio. Subject- The McCallister/Mauk QB/REC Camp due to an Ohio High School Athletic Association is cancelled due to a violation of General Sports Regulation 7.8. Since I am a rules guy, but, moreover a "kid's guy," I did not want to do anything to jeopardize a high school football player's eligibility to play high school sports.

Rule 7.8 Interscholastic Football Squad Members. After a student becomes a member of an interscholastic football squad, the student may not participate in non-scholastic football, including contests, tryouts and any type of training or practices, during the school year. From June 1 through July 31, members of an interscholastic football squad may participate in non-contact contests, tryouts or any type of training and practices and attend non-contact team football camps or instructional programs.

       A high school athletic director in Ohio got this reply, when he asked about the OHSAA about the credibility of the McCallister/Mauk QB/REC Camp. "Rule 7.8 Interscholastic Football Squad Members." It would be a violation.
      Last Friday at the OHSFCA Regional Directors meeting, an assistant OHSAA commissioner in charge of football regulations was asked about the McCallister/Mauk QB/REC Camp to be held on December 29 in Columbus, OH. He referred to Rule 7.8 in the OHSAA Rules and Regulations and told the Directors that the Camp would be a violation.
      On Friday afternoon I talked with same commissioner over the phone. He told me that Rule 7.8 was in affect and that was a violation.
      Being a retired teacher/coach with 31 years of experience, I understand rules and regulations. For the most part I supported school regulations and rules. I may not have agreed with some, but as the army saying goes, "You salute the rank." I cancelled the Camp, because of it being a violation and being told it was illegal for high school players to camp.
      In no way do I want to jeopardize a high school player of his eligibility to play high school parts. Not fair to any one.
     I take the blame, obviously, for not checking with OHSAA about the possibility of holding a camp of this nature. For three years, I was told that as long as you did no more than one on one's, "you should be okay." Different commissioners now. Also, I was aware of the rule, but I thought the rule was intended for the high school football coaches. How does this rule 7.8 affect the huge NIKE Camp in May? How does this rule affect all of the private QB lessons being given?Again, the mistake was my fault, for not checking with OHSAA.
      From what coaches have told me kids were excited about the opportunity to throw a football for three hours on a Sunday afternoon in December. Selfish on my part, but some of the best young QB's in Ohio were making plans to attend. Simply a chance to get better, but have fun playing football in December.
      For people who have followed the McCallister Scouting Report over the years, honesty is not a weakness of mine. Making kids better the right way is what it is all about. Hopefully doing this same program for over 25 years, I have gained the trust and respect of the high school coaches throughout Ohio. The Ohio High School Athletic Association is a different story.
      I apologize for the confusion. Also, this rule 7.8 does not affect combines where just measurements and testing is done.


Jenn Anthony said...

So are the boys allowed to go to NIKE or would this be a violation?

John McCallister said...

According to the rule, combines are okay. The NIKE combine at Massillon is just that and a good combine. But according to the rule, the MIKE football training camp and the QB Elite Camp held in Columbus if they are held in April or May, they would be a violation. If they are held in June, everything is good.