Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Big is not Always Better"

       When the time comes to cheer for teams, I am not really an "underdog guy." Back in the UCLA John Wooden era, I hated Notre Dame basketball, because they beat UCLA. I was a UCLA fan. Of course, as aloof as Jack was I rooted for in every tournament. The Buckeyes, when Coach Hayes was the guy. But as I have grown older and matured as a fan, I really on cheer for the New England Patriots. For some reason, I like Bill . But I do cheer and hope that college football recruits who could be considered "underdogs," really make it.
       I hear the words "under the radar" often, when people talk about high school recruits. But I can never understand whose radar. There is a receiver in southwest Ohio who is supposedly fly "under the radar." Since college coaches know about him, I always wonder who owns the radar? My guess would be recruiting writers and reporters.
       Last week I read that former Pickerington North's TE Alex Bayer has been selected to play in the East-West Shrine game in Florida on January 18. A solid tight end coming out of Pick North, but Bowling Green offered and he was a Falcon. He did not have a lot of offers, but he was not really under the radar. Now 6'4-257, he is considered one of the top 20 tight ends entering the NFL draft. Hard work paid off for Alex Bayer.
       Many high school football recruits have already made verbal commitments. Some will wait until the high school all star games in early January to announce their school of choice. Some will use the hat selection scene to make themselves look silly. The hat scene is good for the recruiting reporters and flat screen and Tom Lemming.
       Sometimes Ohio State fans believe that if Ohio State is not recruiting a player or if a recruit chooses to go another university, the recruit must not be that good. Sometimes recruits would rather go to a BCS school, because it is a BCS school. Sad, but some BCS schools will take a player out of Ohio just to take a player out of Ohio. Players that should be going to the MAC, end up going out of state.
      Since many of the BCS schools in the Midwest and East buy my service, I am not saying that going out of state is wrong. I am saying to be really sure that the BCS schools outside of Ohio are a good fit for you the recruit. Mycah Hyde from Fostoria High School went to Iowa. Now he is playing for the Green Bay Packers and doing well.
       Mike Dennis from neighboring Carey High School ran as well as, or better than anyone at  Ohio States camp a few years ago. Being 6'7-260 and a good basketball player made him impressive. His high school video was not great, but okay. Now over 300, he has worked hard and starts at OT for the Michigan State Spartans. The Spartans are not too bad.
       For some, "big is not always better." Do you want to be "a guy," or "the guy." Of course, making that decision is hard. I think if you could keep parents and the "noisemakers" out of the decision making process, making the choice would be easier.
       For many the decision has been made as to what college they are going to attend to play football. For some a decision has to be made. Good luck.

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