Friday, December 27, 2013

       Heading to Monroe, Michigan to visit with my late wife's side of the family tonight. This is the final Christmas tree get together for the year 2013. Sunday, the decorations come down. The outdoor lights come down. The Christmas tree comes down. The food is gone. My wife used to leave all of the Christmas "stuff" up until the Sunday after New Year's Day, but that rule applies no more. This has been a really good Christmas season.
      No more excuses. Back to high school football. Already sneaking into January and high school football will occupy much of my time.  My combines are in March. Yes, combines are not a violation according to the Oho High School Athletic Association. A little public speaking about the recruiting process starts in February. More college prospect evaluations in the spring. Developmental camps in June. The Directory comes out in January, and much of my time is occupied with getting that finished and to the college coaches.
      Unofficial Visit. Any visit by your parents and you to a college campus paid for by your parents or you. The only expense you may receive from the college is three complimentary admissions to a home athletics contest. You may make as many unofficial visits as you like and may take them anytime that you want. The only time that you can not talk with a coach during an unofficial visit is during a dead period.
      Correspondence from interested colleges. (1)Underclassmen are and will be getting college questionnaires. Develop a system on answering the questionnaire. If are definitely not interested, return -saying - saying "not interested." Develop a brief resume. (2) Read and organize all of the information that you receive. (3) Possible to receive an invitation to a football camp. Keep tract of the camps available. Set early schedule. (4) Possible to get an invitation to a "junior day." Some have academic days. (5) Although it is tough, try put all of this attention into perspective. Actually this not really being recruited by a school. They are just checking you out, but these experiences may lead to "being recruited.
      Some really common words. "They like him." "They have invited him to camp." "He got a letter from ?" " Coach _____ stopped by the school to eyeball him." "They want him to make an unofficial visit." "They want him to come down to spring practice." Here is the funny one for the high school coach. "Stop in anytime and we will sit down and talk "ball."
      The outside noises. Once word gets out that a school is recruiting you, the internet recruiting media will be calling. Some college coaches will tell their "boy," so the information gets out there. Recruiting services will want you to pay them to help you get a scholarship. Recently a parent asked me if he should pay a recruiting service money. This parent's son attended the Michigan-Ohio State game as a recruit, and he is asking me if he should pay some service to get his name out there. The Michigan - Ohio State game as a recruit!!!! And his name is not there?
       All league - All District - All Ohio - Player of the Week. Those are rewards for a good season. Those are recognition for your outstanding year. Sometimes those are political. Those awards do not mean that you are a Division One recruit. In fact, there are some first team All-Ohio players who really need to continue to work hard, even though they have a Division 1 scholarship. At least according my evaluations.
       As you begin the new year, these are just some things that came to my mind.
       Begin the new year controlling what you can control and not worrying about what you can not control. Remember - someone is always watching.

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