Sunday, February 17, 2013

NIKE Combine Visit was Successful

      Really a successful Nike Football Combine for me Saturday at Massillon. If you have not been to a Nike high school production, they can pretty impressive. Of course, we are talking Nike and a boatload of financial support. They have forgotten more about marketing than I could ever learn.
Massillon Washington High School football coach Jason Hall had invited me to watch the combine.
      Spectators, parents, and anyone else not associated with the actual running of the combine had to stay in a roped off area on one side of the indoor facility. Really was not a bad place to stand and watch the event. With more than a thousand high school players doing their "thing," trying evaluate talent is hard to do. Some of the recruiting reporters were able to get alittle closer than I was able to get, but they are the expert recruiting analysts. They have to write stories to make their money. For me, I just have to provide colleges with credible information to make my money.
      My game plan was to go to the excit where all of the players leave. I renewed friendships with some of the combine participates, but was also able to meet new football players whom I had seen play, but just never talked with.  Just as important was meeting parents and coaches, and chatting with others whom I had already known. That was what I came to Massillon to do and that was what I accomplished. Of course, since I have three of my own combines on three Sundays in March, I did just alittle marketing on my own.
      As far as learning any new techniques or coaching pointers, I really did not. Sometimes, "big is not always better in regards toi instruction." Honestly, the trainer who works a D-1 in Columbus gave me a few coaching points. That guy, Charles Gresham works with me and there is a reason I have him with me, because he is smart and great with kids. He runs the show at D-1 in Columbus.
      Nike does an excellent job with putting on this event. However, they have teammed up with the NCSA recruiting service. Bad news. A lot of information on a phamplet. A lot of ideas. Nowhere did I see the cost. Before a parent does told me that getting recruited is expensive now. In the future, I will blog my ideas for kids in Ohio using these money making marketing services.
      If I started naming the football prospects whom impressed me, I would leave out somebody. O-State bound Parris Campbell was impressive. Talked with both his mother and him for few minutes. Both really nice people. I need to mention Massillon's own Nathaniel Devers. Met for the first time Lakewood St Edward's Shaun Crawford. A member of the Ohio Class of 2015, he will be a top 10 guy for me, and maybe the top corner in his class.
      All in all, time well spent for me. Nike production was better than I expected.Granted I am a 64 year old "old school guy," but I also did a pretty good job of marketing the McCallister Scouting Report.

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