Sunday, February 17, 2013

Darius West at a Glance

      Heading to Allen East High School tonight to watch Darius West play hoops. Problem is that the composition will not be what I had hoped. But at least I will get to see him run, change direction, and compete.
      Competing is something that concerns me about Darius. Really believe that he plays to the level of his competition. Have watched him on the flat screen twice and at times disappointed me. He has the physical tools, but I just feel that he has to play harder more consistently.
      Last football season, it was much the same way. He played up to his level of competition. Played well, but needs to play better this fall. Like his long arms. Solid hips. Really like his burst.
      Although it is Sunday afternoon, I still want to finish my comments on Darius. After watching Darius play hoops last Friday, I will tell you that he has unbelievable athletic skills.
Plays the point guard on full court pressure. Excellent quick vertical jumper. Had a "dunk" coming from the baseline on a high "feed." Excellent  burst going to the basket. Changes direction really well.
Darius's athletic skills are really good. Did well last year at college camps. College coaches ask me about him all of the time. Good attitude. In fact he has been nice to talk with.
      My advice to Darius is run the court and play hard every play. I think that he is guilty of playing to the level of competition. In fact, I told him that before the game last Friday night.
      All of the athletic tools, no question. Play hard every play. Still believe that he is one of the top 20 players in the Ohio Class of 2014. At 6'0-190, hopefully, he works at corner first. Would be an excellent strong safety, but needs a look at corner.

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