Monday, February 18, 2013

Jae'sean Tate - Could he be a Football Recruit ?

      College coaches actually pay for my comments on potential college football prospects in the great high school football state of Ohio. Some schools like to see my rankings on the top guys. I say this, because I am bold enough to say what I think and not what they want me to think. This leads me to Pickerington Central's outstanding outside linebacker Jae'sean Tate.
      Jae'sean is a member of the Ohio Class of 2014. His sophomore year, he was all over the field. He ran well and was able to change direction. Listed at 6'3-190, he played in the Ohio Division 1 State Championship game. Really athletic. Most of all, I liked his competitive attitude. That was last year.
      After football season last year, Jae'sean was a leader on the basketball court. Pickerington Central won the Ohio High School State Basketball Championship last winter. Of course, Pick Central had some "cats," but he was a very important part of the team. Good enough to impress Ohio State University. Coach Thad Matta  offered and he accepted. Case closed. Maybe.
      Jae'sean only played a third of the football season this past fall. Do not know the story and do not have time to check it out. Actually watched a game in which he played. Nothing changed - still had the skills and the toughness. Fun to watch him run around and make plays.
      Two weeks ago I attended a Pick Central basketball game, just to see Jae'sean Tate. Now, I am not a talent evaluator of basketball players. Action is too fast. Plus, I was an intramural star and never played varsity basketball. I liked Jae'sean that night, but he did not play as well as he could.  Jumps well. Excellent burst with the basketball in his hand. Out-manned everybody in the rebound game. But his outside shot was not dropping. More opinions, but I do not want to "lite-up" message boards.
      In the big, big picture, Jae'sean's best sport is football. Going to O-State to play basketball. Coach Matta is a tremendous coach and will make use of Jae'sean's talents. College basketball players who have never played a down in college football, at the end of the day, get drafted to the NFL. Now this does not happen all of the time, but it happens.
      Jae'sean Tate is a natural athlete. Run, jump, change direction, balance, good hips, and excellent closing speed. Loves to compete. Listed 6'3-190 and still growing. Excellent college basketball prospect, but when he turns 21 years old, he would look good in a football uniform.
      Sorry, Jae'sean. It is what it is. Wish you well playing hoops.

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