Friday, February 22, 2013

Combines - Can be Good; Can be Bad

      Over the last few days. I have received emails and phone calls about combines. "Should we go" Are they that beneficial? Will they(combines) count my times if bad?
      Combines are hard to comment on, because MSROHIO runs three. No fancy SPARQ ratings like NIKE uses. I have been asked to meet with a person in Columbus who has his own version of the SPARQ system, but right now, I am not interested. The SPARQ score gives colleges an idea of a player's athleticism, which is good. In our combines we run six events for times or measurements and focus on doing the test correctly. No national recruiting marketing. Really do not feel that I need it. I am an Ohio guy trying to help Ohio "kids."  "No Best" in our titles. When I see the word "best," I like to think that the best are in attendance. That is not always the case in the "Best" combines. Parents believe it and the player believes it.
      Combines are good, because they provide a chance for players of levels of ability to compete and get their name "out there." If I were a young player, I would go to the NIKE combine to get the experience, so that my chances would be better the following year. If I am a top tier prospect, I would have no trouble competing, just to see what's out there. If I am a marginal prospect, BUT think I am a "top recruit," I would be careful. A slow times can hurt you. Actual size and weight can hurt too. Those slow times will not destroy a prospect, but can hurt him.
      Really any time that a player has a chance to compete, it is good. Anytime that a player has a chance to get better, it is good. Anytime a player can get his name out there, it is good. BUT, a player needs to be aware of one major problem. Who is watching you? Who is evaluating you? What experience do the evaluators have? There are some coaches who simply cannot evaluate prospects. There are some evaluators, who work the stopwatch, but use their thumb, instead of their index finger. I see website recruiting writers walking around evaluating prospects. Although some are good, a few simply have no clue. Those recruiting writers write about what they see.
      My son has been "invited." This sounds really good, but if a prospect gets his application in early, he will get an invitation. If he gets on the internet and searches for information, he will have a good chance to get "invited." Everybody makes a big deal about getting invited to the combines in Texas and Florida over Christmas. Over a thousand prospects get invited. If you have the money, you will get invited. Donot be late with your registration, however.
      Again, combines are good. Get your name out there. Get experience. Get some competition. Getting a poor evaluator is not good. Getting an offer from your performance is not a given. Also remember, combine scores are just a part of predicting how successful a high schoolrecruit will be playing college football. A player still has to block and tackle.
      Although I am an "old guard" guy when it comes to my competition, a lot of college coaches will listen to what I have to say about a recruit. Sometimes "big is not always better."

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