Monday, February 11, 2013

NCAA - Caves In- Unlimited Texting and Phone Calls

       If you think college football recruiting has become too big and too dishonest now, wait until after September 1, 2013. If you think that big time recruits are getting too "full of themselves" now, wait until after September 1, . If you think college football coaches are a "pain-in-the-butt" to high school recruits now, wait until after September 1. Finally, recruits are committing, decommitting, and flipping now, wait until after September 1.
       Recently, the NCAA has issued some new recruiting rules that will take effect August 1, 2013. But college coaches will not be able to apply the rules until September1. After September 1, college football coaches will be allowed to make unlimited phone calls and send unlimited text messages to high school recruits. UNLIMITED.
       Unlimited as in any time of the day or night. For example, a recruit could be sitting in church and the cell phone starts vibrating. Urban Meyer justs wants the football reruit to take notes on the sermon. A student who is struggling academically is sitting in English class, and Nick Saban could give him an idea to write in his journal. Homework and quiet time will be a joke. But, the NCAA will still hammer them when they do not get the GPA or test score.
       Also, college football programs can hire unlimited recruiting staffs. Could the rich could get richer? Does Bowling Green have the budget that Ohio State has? For those of you who think telemarketing is a pain in the butt, college football coaches just joined the telemarketing busy. Only now, a recruit or a parent will have to wait the full seven seconds to identify the caller. More students will have part time jobs. " This is John Smith with Penn State football. Just wanted to remind you to keep working hard in the classroom. Go Nittany Lions." A trained monkey can do that job.
       Really the NCAA is not the only one to blame. College football coaches stretch the rules, do not follw the intent of the rules, and, sometimes, just flat out cheat. Most think that "if you ain't cheatin, you ain't trying to win." Bottom line-- Seventeen and eighteen year old high school players get "used" again.
       I would guess the underlying intent of these new rules would be to get an early signing date. For example, recruits could sign a letter of intent September 3-10. The high school football regular season is just underway. Players could focus on their senior year without the recruiting stress. Phone calls and texts would decrease. Recruits would not have to worry decommiting or "flipping." There would be less phone calls from the recruiting reporters on recruiting websites, like Rivals. Of course, these ideas make too much sense. The NCAA would agree and would go a different route.
       I also heard at The Ohio High School Football Coaches Reguional Directors meeting that the NCAA is raising the academic standards in the near future. This is really a good idea. We need to really "crack down" on  high schoolathletes trying to get a better life. Push the academics. Really push higher academics in the inner city. Same way with athletes with learning disabilities. Of the ACT oer SAT will determine how successful any person will be. Hopefully, you realize that after the first sentence, I was being sarcastic.
      Back to unlimited texting and phone calls. Do like some college coaches do. carry two phones. One to take calls from the college coaches. The other (unlisted)-to make and take calls from your friends and parents. But, your budget to do that, may not be the same as a college football coach.
      As with all of fooball recruiting, all of the good, the bad, and the ugly, you might as well get used to it, because it is only going to get bigger and bigger and more dishonest.
     Over the summer try to get a two for one deal on cell phones.

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