Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuesday Night was Toledo Night

      Really enjoyed my trip to the "Glass City" last night. Cold as a witch's foot outside, but the car was warm. First stop was the old Franklin Park Mall. Second stop, Toledo Central Catholic High School.
      Last summer I discovered a sports shop in the Mall that carries baby clothes for the Michigan, Ohio State, and Notre Dame fans. There are some other schools and some pro-teams too, but I was not interested in those baby clothes. Really, I would upset the majority of the fans in Ohio, if I asked them to guess what two schools had their names on the baby clothes. We are an open-minded family.
      Before I went into the gym at Central Catholic, I went to the weight room to watch the football players work out. Immediately, RB/LB Paul Moses (2014) caught my attention. Squeezing 6'1 and about 205, I told him that he would be a top 25 guy for me. Liked him on the football field and like him better as a person. Also carrying a 3.2GPA. OL Zach Harmon (2014) continues to impress me. Needs to keep working on his agility, but getting bigger and stronger. Also spent a few minutes with junior DB Derich Weiland. Only 5'9, but tough on run support. Fast. Better yet, he is a 4.0+ in the classroom.
                                                     Some observations
      Joseph Davidson is a senior at Findlay High School and seems to have been around forever. First saw him as a sophomore playing some DB. Watched him play basketball that year. As a junior, he improved on the football field. Played both WR and DB. Tremendous in the red zone. You see, Joseph is 6'7 and runs pretty well. Strong hands. A three year letterman in basketball. Three year starter in football. Actually saw him run the hurdles last spring. Going to BGSU as a punter. I told him last night that he should remember that he is still a ball catcher.
      Austin Gutting (2014) from Findlay listed at 6'3-230 is an interesting prospect. Solid blue collar guy on the basketball court. Projecting him as a tight end at the next level. Possesses all of the natural tools, now must step up. Good kid. Might be an LB, like him as a tight end.
      Keith Towbridge (2013) from Central Catholic may be one of the most improved senior football players in Oho this past fall. As a junior, I thought he was okay. Did not know where he was going to play. At 6'5-235 he was caught in between. Was he a TE, an OL, or a DL guy. At times, did not like his attitude. Last summer he impressed the coaches at Louisville, and they offered him a scholarship. Since then Keith "got it." Bigger, stronger, and tougher. Broad shoulders. Walks tall.  Good ball skills. Excellent attitude. Last night, he was not the same player that I knew as a junior.. Louisville made an excellent choice.
      QB DeShone Kiser (2014) listed at 6'5 is also a quarterback on the basketball floor. Excellent passer and gets teammates involved. Liked his solid, consistent play. One of the top QB's in the Ohio Class of 2014. Makes plays on the football field. Needs to continue to work on arm strength, but he has alot of the intangables. Lead Toledo Central Catholic to a state football championship last fall, but still must continue to get better. He will be fine.
      I try not to get too close to parents. Did that as a coach and do it as a football scout. Everything is good with parents, until you give constructive criticism to their son. As a rule, I do not chit-chat much when I am evaluating players. But sometimes you meet special people. Keith Towbridge's mother is one of those "special people." She has always been fun to talk with. She laughs and laughs. She supports her son. She has a smile. She has been good to me and I appreciate that.
      Need to see St Ignatius this Friday. While in Cleveland, I will be visiting with my good friend Ted Ginn. He is leaving next Tuesday for the Super Bowl to watch Ted Junior  returning punts for the 49er's. St Ignatius has a bigtime potential linebacker playing basketball.

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