Monday, January 21, 2013

The North South All-Star Classic Rosters Almost Complete

As most people know by now, the Ohio North South All-Star Classic not only is changing from one game to two games this summer, but is also leaving Columbus and moving to Dayton. The most pressing work to be done was the selection process.

Although the rosters have not been finalized and released to the public, I have had a chance to look at each team's roster. Part of what I do with the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association is work with the selection of the all star teams. Actually, I was more involved with the "Big 33" selection process. But that is no more. The team rosters look good and the games will have plenty of "star power."

I would watch for the media release in the next two weeks. JJ Huddle works with the OHSFCA to provide information about what is happening with the Association. Usually I would post the team rosters, but they are not totally finalized. I plan to wait until that OHSFCA's site has the chance to post the teams. But having studied the rosters, the two games should be exciting.

Even with the late change in selecting four teams, instead of two and dividing the two games - D-1, 2, 3 and D - 4, 5, 6, the coaches have done a good job in selecting the teams. Each region has to be represented.

More players get a chance to show their skills. More players get one more chance to play their last high school career game. More high school coaches geta chance to coach in the game. The game is a win-win situation.

The rosters should bo released soon.

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