Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some Players Who Need Evaluated

A few weeks ago, I was able to watch two high school football players who may not be out there yet, and last Saturday, I attended the Teays Valley - Olentangy game to see one more with same situation. As I have said over and over, sometimes watching smaller school players is just as important as seeing big school players.

Keystone. No not the cops. Keystone High School, southwest of Cleveland, has a young sophomore named CJ Conrad who  recruiters need to be aware. Listed 6'3 -210, he moved well with and without the basketball. Good feet. Athletic. Played TE and FS last year. As I watched him run the court, I wished he would want to play OLB. His dad told me that he likes LB and likes defense. Needs to work on burst and change of direction. But he is young and will get bigger and stronger. Liked his leadership skills. Bloodlines - Mom and dad both played sports at Tiffin University. Sister is on scholarship at Akron. Sometimes bloodlines mean alot.

I use CJ as an example of a sophomore from a small school program who needs to get into some camps this summer. Really needs to get stronger hips and be a better knee bender. He needs to be aware of all of the "noise" and "junk" that is out there. He needs to use AAU basketball as a fun thing to do, but focus on adding good weight. Really believe he will be a scholarship player at the end of the day. But he really needs to work on getting bigger and stronger.

Years ago we were blessed to spend four years living among the Amish in Holmes County. On my trip to Danville High School, it was like living there again. On the suggestion of a former college football coach, I watched Andy Payne Class of 2014. Good size, listed 6'3-  250. Moved really well for his size. Could see him playing center on the next level. Tough competitor. Thought hat he moved his feet on defense. Good bender. Like any lineman, he needs to keep working on quickness. Also, needs to get into some camps this summer. Really believe one of two combines this spring would help him. If he keeps focused on getting better, he has a chance to be a scholarship player.

Teays Valley's Clayton Seymour is another who needs to continue to work hard and get into some camps. Listed 6'3-230. Liked his athleticism for his size. Competed hard in the basketball game against Olentangy. After watching video, probably will move inside. Much the same as Andy Payne. Needs to develop a better burst, but should be okay. He must also get some exposure at some good college football camps this summer.

When I comment on players, I am just telling readers what I see.  Of course, I miss on some evaluations. I can be more honest, because I do not have to worry about offending fans. Hopefully, what a player reads about himself, or someone else, he will use those comments to be a better player.


Josh Thomas said...

What is your take on Isiah Moore from Tiffin Columbian?

John McCallister said...

Like his athleticism for a big guy. Good frame to add good weight and strength. Good bender. Only watched him in camp and on video. Think he may need to a little nastier, but I recently heard that he is developing that attitude. Should be a solid recruit. Tell you more after two games this fall. Definite D-1 guy.