Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lancaster's Kyle Trout, The Biggest Fish

For the most part this basketball season I have traveled the state watching football players play hoops who I really feel need to be evaluated as potential college scholarship players. Last night I visited Pickerington North High School for the sole purpose of watching Lancaster's Kyle Trout.

Kyle Trout (2014), listed 6'4-294, is one of the top three offensive linemen , if not the top one, in the Ohio Class of 2014. Carries his weight really well. Moves his feet really well. Good hips. Good bender. Runs the court pretty well for big man. Most of all, he runs the court, and gets his breathe after he gets to the other end. Intimidating. Only played about six minutes in the first half, but long enough to see how much potential he has on the football field. (I left at halftime). Bad basketball.

First saw Kyle at our MSROHIO Combine last March. Really moved well for big man, but was raw. Loved his potential then. Watched him in a four-way scrimmage last August. Powerful. Finished blocks. Good first step. Since Lancaster runs a very successful Wing-T offense, you do not see much pass blocking. Most of the blocking is shoulder blocking. But he showed signs that he could pass block. Also really liked the way he moved laterally. But most of all, he competed, all 6'6-294.

For some reason, big schools did not agree with my evaluation. Coming from a run-oriented offense, Kyle needs to work on pass blocking. Needs to get arm extension and use his hands and feet. Watching him last night, none of these will be a problem. Apparently, a new buzz term is "lateral burst." My guess would be when he moves laterally, he has a punch or burst. That's why colleges have football coaches-- to improve on these skills. (sarcasm)

 Probably most impressive last night was his leadership and enthusiasm. Not a starter and when he was taken out of the game and as he sat on the bench, he did not pout. He lead the cheers. To me, that is good. A high profile football player, when not in the game,  is leading the cheers. By the way, he could play on my basketball team anytime.

Rumors have it, he is meeting in C-bus with Urban Meyer this morning. Maybe Ohio State University football sees in him what I see in him.

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