Friday, September 21, 2012

Where is Minford?

Portsmouth, Ohio. Of course, many people have heard of Portsmouth. But how many people have heard of Minford, Ohio. No not Milford (near Cincinnati) - Minford. I am making my second trip to southern Ohio today. Sounds far, but, according to google, just over three hours to Portsmouth Stadium. Southern Ohio power Ironton is coming to Portsmouth.  Second half, hopefully, will be on sidelines watching Minford and Oak Hill. By the way, Minford is about 20 minutes northeast of Portsmouth.

Portsmouth's sophomore RB is out with and injury, and the same for one of their offensive linemen, but I will get eyeball them and check out Coach Clifford's young guys for down the road. Speaking of Coach Clifford. Curt has been a good friend of mine for along time. Looking forward to watching him coach. Ironton always two of three players who need to evaluated. Every year they seem to have a fast, short, RB who is tough, but short. They also seem to have a big OL guy. Another Webb is palying tackle at Ironton. This will be the first time that I will not see Bob Lutz Bob Lutz on the sidelines.

Minford has one the top offensive linemen in the Ohio Class of 2014. First saw Jared McCray at an Ohio State Summer Camp two years ago. Actually watched him play basketball last fall. Oak Hill is undefeated, so, hopefully, the competition for Jared will be really good. Actually, I am not very familiar with Oak Hill, but looking forward to watching their program.

Actually, this weekend will be quite a "culture variation" for me. I made up  "culture varation." Today I will be in far southern Ohio watching really good football. Tomorrow at noon, I will be watching Akron Buchtel play Akron Garfield. Two highly respected inner city programs in Akron. Looking forward to seeing Buchtel's new school, as well as, just watching a game at Buchtel. Fans are great. Saturday night, Youngstown Ursuline plays Lakewood St Edward in Lakewood. Two of the best private school programs in Ohio. QB Chris Durkin from Ursuline could be my top rated QB in the Class of 2014. Not only excellent programs at work, but also some very talented players to evaluate.

Actually received an email that I should evaluate and make comments about more players Ohio Sate is recruiting. Emailed back to him that the McCallister Scouting Report is not an Ohio State recruiting site. I will see players who can play at Ohio State University. Ten more weeks (including  playoffs) of high school football in Ohio.

Big weekend. Traveling - Gas is down to 3.69@gallon at Pilot. Evaluating and promoting players is really enjoyable for me. A recruiting service emailing me, requesting a list of the players that I have for the 2013 Class is a joke. Of course, no way!

Glenville and St Ignatius next Saturday at Byers Field is a given.

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