Friday, September 14, 2012

Traveling to Northwest Ohio Tonight

Some of the guys at McDonalds were messin with me today about missing out on some big games tonight, just to go to northwest Ohio to watch some smaller schools play. One, being a big O-State fan, thinks that I need to go watch future Buckeye prospects play. I told him this was not an Ohio State website. Obviously, I watch BCS propects play and give  very honest opinions, which are not always the same as the recruiting reporters on national websites. My 86 year old mother could find top 25 national program recruits, but the mid-level programs need attention, also.

Looking forward to watching Sylvania Southview play Napoleon. Southview is one of the five schools in the Toledo area that recruiters have to check out every year. Jim Mayzes does a wonderful job and has players every year. Napoleon has a nice little RB who has come to my combines every year.

Need to see the second half of the Liberty Center vs Patrick Henry game. How many people who follow Ohio high school football can tell me where Hamler, Ohio is located? A geography lesson- thirty minutes south of Napoleon. Each team has a really good lineman and both are juniors. Both I know personally and both are scholarship potential players. Maybe not O-State good yet, but D-1 good. Patrick Henry also has a senior linebacker. Although smaller schools, they play really good football.

Tomorrow - back to a big city. I will be in Cleveland to watch Shaker Heights play Parma at 1:00.  Because of no lights, Shaker plays home games at 1:00 on Saturday. One of the most fun places for me to watch a high school game. Fans, young and old, get into it, and the band is always good. Now there are some OSU-good prospects in this game. For some reason DL/OL Donovan Munger does not communicate with me, but he has worlds of potential. Also looking forward to evaluating some skilled players.

If things go as planned, I will see the second half of the Gilmour Academy vs Cleveland Central Catholic game. Really like the toughness and athleticism of the CCC quarterback. Saw some players from Gilmour last summer. Better to watch them play in pads, rather than shorts/t-shirt.

Since Kent State has a bye week, plans are to stop in Akron and treat my son David and his friend Courtney to a late lunch of or early dinner. This may be the most expensive part of the day. David works with the punters/kickers at Kent State.

Finally, want to stop and watch the Canton McKinley vs North Canton Hoover game at Fawcett. Although he has to get bigger/stronger, McKinley could have one of the best prospects in the Ohio Class of 2015. McKinley is always going to have players whom need to be evaluated. My friend Don Hertler at Hoover does a nice job coaching, but this year has some really good high school players.

Evaluating college prospects is always fun. Gas at 4.95 a gallon takes some of the fun out of it, but watching players and seeing coaches is always fun.

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