Monday, September 10, 2012

Jackson's Football Stadium on the Hill

      Jackson High School, No not Massillon Jackson.
     Two years ago one of the guys who helps me with my camps and combines suggested that I look into running a camp at Jackson High School in Jackson, Ohio. He told me that the school has a nice football facility with turf. I told him that I would check into it. I called Head Coach Andy Hall and he told to come down and check it out. Never did.
      Of course, part of my thinking, was I just wondered what the facility would be like. Also wondered just how many football prospects would attend. You must realize that, although I had never been to Jackson, it was in Southeastern Ohio. I had been to Wheelersburg, South Point, Ironton, and Portsmouth years ago, but never Jackson. Years ago, those schools had just okay facilities.
      Saturday night I made the two hour and twenty minutes trip to Jackson High School to evaluate four players from Jackson and four players from Granville High School. My Garman took me pass the old high school first. Next I saw a shuttle service that took people to the game. I told the lady that Coach Hall told me to find him to get into the game. She said that the school and stadium were at the the top of the hill. I had to "talk my way" through another gate to get better parking near the stadium on top of the hill.. All the time I am thinking - "Jackson - Southeastern Ohio."
      The very first thing I would say is that " any high school team in Ohio would feel very comfortable playing a football game at Alumni Stadium. Quite simply, the ten year old stadium is a tremendous venue to watch high school football. Seats around 6,500. The seating on both sides is almost equal in height and they are high. The reserve seating on the home side has backs for all of the seating in that section. Locker rooms are under the stands on both sides. Of course, the turf is very fast and well taken care of. Finally, both end zones have nets behind the goal post to stop the ball from leaving the field. How many true high school fields have nets behind the goal posts.
      Head Coach Andy Hall was very helpful and took care of me. But the whole game atmosphere was special. Fans were loud. The marching band had alot of members and was excellent. For that matter, the Granville marching band was every bit the same. High school football is very important to this town of just over 6,800 people.
      Just a few camera people walking around. A couple of beat writers. No cables dragging all over the sidelines. No t-v timeouts. No camera guy hitting me on the back and telling me to get out of the way. No interent media taking pics of players during the game. No internet media recruiting reporters interviewing college prospects after the game.
      I am not trying to put too much drama in this blog, but am trying to applaude the people of Jackson, Ohio for supporting their high school football team. The stadium is tremendous. Over the years I have been to a few stadiums. Now, I am not including Fawcett, or any college stadiums that host high school football, but for pure high school stadiums, Jackson's Alumni Stadium gets a high mark.
      Ironmen - You have done well.


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