Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Elyria Catholic QB Jeremy Holley Done for Season

Last week as I was making out my travel plans for the next three weeks, I told one on my coaching friends in Lorain County that I needed to see Eyria Catholic play. Told him that I liked their big tackle, Dakota Tallman, and their quarterback, Jeremy Holley. Right away, he told me that Holley broke a lower leg bone during game four.

Jeremy and I have a long history, and I feel really bad for him. Coming out of his freshman year, I watched him at the Gary Stevens QB Camp at Lakewood St Ed's that summer. QB coaches were everywhere yelling and trying to correct kids of all ages on the passing mechanics. After watching Jeremy throw ball after ball for twenty minutes, he still could not throw a spiral, or spin-it. Standing 6'3, he moved his feet okay, but could not throw a spiral. Anytime I see a 6'3 QB, I watch him closely.

Finally, I just mumbled to him some things on which he could work. Not being an instructor, I tried to stay out of the way. The main point I told him was simple.  "On your follow thru, your right thumb should come to the inside of your right thigh, or really close. Make it natural." Just watch Tom Brady.
Anyway, long story short, after some work, Jeremy could spin-it. He completed some passes in some 7on7 competition. Trust me,  I am no great QB guru, but sometimes a simple coaching point can do a lot. The suggestion worked for Jeremy. Anytime you see a 6'3 freshman QB, make sure he throw a spiral. (Honestly, I never cared for Gary Stevens.)

Jeremy broke his lower leg bone during game four. Actually he was able to walk off of the field. He told me he felt something happen after a defensive man tackled him. Using crutches now, he does not know when the cast will be removed. Then rehab and see what happens. Football  is over for this season, but basketball season is around the corner. Last year, he averaged 17.2 ppg and 11 rebounds per game. Of course, alot of rehab time in between.

Elyria Catholic went into the game 2-1, and actually won the game to go to 3-1. In Jeremy's four game season, he threw 10 TD passes, rushed for 1, and threw for 880 yards.

In this evaluating of high school football players business, you tend to get to know some of the players personally. I do not know Jeremy Holley really well, but I feel for him. But I also feel with some hard work and dedication in the off season, he should be fine. Sure hope that he will be able to still "spin-it."

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