Saturday, April 16, 2011

Retired English Teacher - Never took Keyboarding

Some of you know that I am a retired English teacher, but never took typing or keyboarding. Obviously, those lack of skills show up occasionally, really too often, in my work. Loved Twain, Shakespeare,and Thoreau. Loved writing. Taught grammer. But no typing or keyboarding.

As I was looking through my combine results, I see mistakes. That should be of no surprise to my readers. Fletcher Anderson from Adena is listed as running a 8.7/40. Actually, he ran a 5.0/40. The 8.7 was on the L-cone. My mother is 85 years old and I timed her at 9.1 in the 40. I apologize to Fletcher.

Speaking of Adena, Reid Hutchinson put up some nice numbers. 5'10-181. Vertical/30"4. Ran 4.2/shuttle. Ran 4.6/40. Ran L-cone/7.3. Also threw powerball - 33.6. Hopefully, the combine will help Reid in the recruiting process. Adena is a smaller school south of Columbus. Need to see Reid in action this fall.

Name a former Olympian from Adena.

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