Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good Visit with Jamar Ridley

Much of my time evaluating potential college prospects involves casual conversation. That is, I just enjoy chatting with football players and have no hidden agenda with them. You can learn alot about a prospect in a 15 minute chat. At Kent State's Spring Game yesterday, I met Toledo Whitmer junior, Jamar Ridley.

Watched Jamar play twice last year. Most impressive against Massillon Washington. A fearless competitor at his LB position. Runs down hill really well. Runs thru ball carriers. Gets off blocks. Finds the ball. Although he closes well, needs to improve sideline to sideline speed. Needs to improve hip rotation.

My biggest concern last year was his ability to play under control. Over aggressive at times. Hopefully, this was the case, rather than having a poor attitude or trying to be showtime. After chatting with Jamar, over aggressiveness could have been the case. Looking forward to him dominating this fall. Another concern could be his approach to textbooks. Have a good feel that he will take care of business there, too. A concern for college coaches, but not for me, might be his 5'11-220 frame. Getting faster will help that concern.

If a 15 minute conversation is any indication, Jamar Ridley will be more than one of those "under the radar," guys this fall. Hope that he took some advice from this "old school" guy.

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jkhoops said...

Jamar will be a beast this year with 2 all staters playing in front anf back. Cris and Mark