Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quarterback Joins MSR List

One of the pleasant surprises at the Medina Combine was the performance of Nick Merrick (212 Class)from Claymont High School in Eastern Ohio. Heard that he had potential, but wanted to see for myself. Nick has alot of upside.

For two years, Nick ran the wing-t offense and did not really get to show his passing ability or improve his passing technique. I love the wing-t offense, but not necessarily a good offense for a throwing QB. From watching him throw: a strong arm. Solid feet. Can throw on the run. Sometimes he short-arms the ball, but has a good, quick release. Needs to improve release point. Needs to improve follow-thru.

At 6'3-215, Nick passes "eye-ball" test. Needs to improve 40 time. Overall strength is good. Although a three sport guy, should continue to improve flexibilty and overall change of direction. Honestly, if does not make it as a QB, he could grow into a TE or OLB. But for now, he needs to impress college coaches in summer camps at the QB position.

Do not know if he is a "Top-6" QB prospect in 212 Class just yet, but for not directing a spread offense until last season, I like what I see in his passing skills and ability to make plays with his feet. Not there yet, but really believe he has promise and will continue to develop his QB skills and presence. Glad I had the chance to see him throw in March. Now looking forward to seeing him ths fall.

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