Saturday, April 9, 2011

Changes for the Good

Sometimes change is good, and I am hoping some of the changes that we have made over the last the last year will be good. As many coaches know, I have been doing a college football scouting service for a number of years. Used the ideas of Tom Lemming to get started, but went to a scouting service a few years later. (Okay, a few years is over 22 years.) No computers early on. As a teacher/coach, I always felt that you kept your basic plan, but modified that plan with the changing of the times. As you can see, this is what we have done with the website.

As far as blogging goes, I learned alot on my first attempt. No more thinking I am going to change the perception of football recruiting. No more thinking I am going to change football recruiting websites. No more thinking that I am going to expose all of the dishonesty of writers who are paid to do their job to get the earliest information put out by a recruit. No more questioning the moves of both the NCAA and the OHSAA. Now, six months later everything is good. McCallister will just write about all of the good in football recruiting.

I have made some changes in the McCallister Scouting Report as a whole. Because of big money backers, availabilty of video on the net, and better use of my time, no longer do I sell to colleges. Everything is free on my website. I have also taken an interest in football combines and camps. But, as I have done for over 20 years, evaluating high school talent and sharing that with college coaches is what I do. At 62, I do still enjoy traveling and watching college prospects.

I used my "bolo," and now am attempting my second shot at blogging. Par or birdie, but no boggies. And, yes, my keyboarding skills are still poor. Yea, Ohio!

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