Saturday, June 5, 2010

Desire to Learn

A refreshing email this morning.

As many know I have a combination football camp/combine for the Class of 2012 tomorrow in Dublin. A number of the prospects whom I like in the Class of 2012 have been invited. This morning I received an email from a young man from the Dayton area. He wanted to know, even though he was injured, if he could still come to the camp.

This week he was doing some strength training and a 45 pound weight fell on his index finger and smashed it. 55 stitches (under his finger nail) later, the doctor said no exercise from 4-6 weeks. That is 55 stitches under his finger nail, and they had to sew it back on. This young prospect apologized for not being able to participate and wanted to know if he could still come and watch.

Sometimes we hear just the negative about kids. Sometimes we just want the negative. Here is a young football prospect with a smashed finger willing to ride 60 minutes to watch a football camp/combine. To me that speaks volumes for this young man.

Now the pressure is on me. I hope that he is not let down.

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