Sunday, June 13, 2010

Senior Days

The college football camps have begun. The next two weeks are really filled with football camps. With recruiting getting earlier and earlier and evaluations beginning earlier and earlier, getting to a camp is almost a must.

Attended the Ball State camp last Friday. Roughly 612 campers showed their stuff. Coaches worked the kids hard during agility drills. Spent time with instruction. Did on on one drills. Even had time for seven on seven. Long hot day. Coach Stan Parrish uses this camp to bring in many of Ohio's best. Coach Ted Ginn makes his only bus tour this year to come to Ball State. I like this camp, because prospects play both defense and offense. Unless you know who you are looking for, there are almost too many campers. For me, I like to find prospects and this is sometimes difficult.

Just watched campers at O-State's first one day senior camp. Around 450 at this first session. O-State does much the same, but they put each camper through the same stations. For me, I can stand at one station and watch every prospect come through. I also take a second to speak with the guys in whom I am interested.

I do not discuss with coaches, or, obviously the media, any evaluations that I have made. If schools are good enough to let me visit, what happens at the camp stays at the camp. Toledo, Bowling Green, Akron, Cicninnati are all on the schedule. Plus making two more trips back to O-State.

If you have any camp questions, email me. Camping is almost a must. However, one day is enough. Colleges need to see you. And just as important, a prospect needs to see them.

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