Sunday, June 13, 2010

Power Ball, L-cone, Pro-shuttle

Football combines are gradually becoming accepted as a small part of the evaluation process for potential college football recruits. MSR held two this past spring and the positives far out-weighed the negatives. We put much time in the "how-to-do" part of the testing.

Power ball throw is beginning to replace the bench press. Since many high school programs put alot of emphasis on the bench press, the power ball is new. MSR used it, and I am happy to say OSU used it today in their testing. Personally I like it. Much safer. Much less time. Short arm and long armed bench presser are equal. An 8 pound ball costs just 25 dollars. Good investment.

L-cone drill was a test today. MSR used it, but it really takes an understanding on how to perform it. Emphasis on hip turns, burst, and balance. Get three cones and practice.

Pro-shuttle(20 yards) is a must in combine testing. Be sure to touch the lines. Emphasis is on much the same as L-cone.

The simple standing long jump measures explosion. Be sure to keep your heels on the floor once that you have stuck. Love this very basic test.

I feel good that MSR spent time on teaching these test at both of our camps. The biggest problem with combines is who runs them and how they are run. Too much marketing. Too many needless awards. Had a parent two days ago mention three times in the conversation - when I would have the rankings out for my camp. The fourth time, I said, "We do not rank kids." We just teach the same skills that O-Sate tests.

Combines done the right way and for the right reasons are good. And you know McCallister wants it done the right way.

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