Thursday, May 30, 2013

OSU Bound Billy Price - Football and Track Guy

      As I congratulated Austintown Fitch two sport star Billy Price, we both agreed that "it has been a long time." First saw Billy his sophomore year playing OL/DE for Fitch. Remember that he ran well, but, at the time, thought that he was alittle over-rated by the internet media. Liked him better his junior year. Also was impressed with his power at the State Track Meet last year. This year he was a dominating player in the game that I saw him play.
      All Billy wants to hear is defense. All along, I have looked at him as a very good offensive center prospect. Listed 6'2-290, but he may be bigger than that now. Excellent explosion. Strong hands. Like his quick first step. Not as tall as most linemen, but he has such leverage. Maybe a 3-tech guy on the DL, but still like him snapping the ball.
      Last night he came to the Regional track meet with a best 190 feet discus throw. Last night, he tossed the discus 187 feet. That throw was in the finals. Friday night, he brings a 57'7 shot put toss to the Regionals. Strong back, but  quickness and explosion is just as impressive to me. Looking forward to watching him the OHSAA State Track Meet next weekend.
     As I watched him last night, I was really impressed with the way he handled himself around the ring. No tough guy swagger. No fist pumping. In fact, he talked with his number one challenger. Communicated well with the officials. He just did his thing, with no show. After the event, he made time to talk with people.
      Billy committed to Ohio State University and will be reporting this summer. Do not know for sure where O-State football coaches see him playing. If he wants to play defense, I am sure that he will get his chance. At the end of the day, he very well could be lining up at center.
      I will say Billy has been one of the tougher young men whom I have worked with for a while. Tremendous young man, but we were never on the same page. Quite possibly, he thought of me as a recruiting reporter. Or, he may not have agreed with my thoughts about the center position. Whatever the case, I have watched him grow over the last three years into a very good college prospect.
      "It has been a long time,"and I have tremendous respect for what he has done as an athlete. His character speaks for itself.

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