Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Do Freshman need Exposure?

       Actually reaching for a decision that I thought that I would never wrestle with in regards to exposing freshman, or in this case the Ohio Class of 2016. With my combines and with watching track meets and, last winter, with watching basketball, I see them. They are talented, but they are only freshman.
       In my Super Directory, I list  both freshmen and sophomores. But do I put the members of the Classes of 2015 and 2016 out there for the public? Right now I have 8 members  of 2017, but I would not even think of putting those names out. I have not actually seen them, but have received information from their coach.
       Last Saturday, I watched a freshman from Northeast Ohio put the shot put and throw the discus. His PR's are just over 52 feet and 142 feet, but Saturday was not a good day. Probably squeezing 6'1 and weighs 260. Started varsity all last season for one of the Division I programs in the entire state. Carries a 3.5GPA. Excellent explosion in the shot. Also watched him on Hudl. No brainer.
      Another freshman in the Cleveland area will be a starter on the o-line this fall.. Listed 6'4-240. Excellent feet.  3.8GPA. Also a discus thrower. Plays for another top D-1 program in the state. According to his head football coach is a "no brainer."
      A quarterback (2016) from Central Ohio caught my eye at my combine. Measured 6'3-180. Needs some fine tuning, of course, but I really like his potential. He is coming to my Underlassman Showcase.
      An OLB (2016) came to my combine in Zanesville. Listed 6'1-185. Runs really well. Changes direction. Saw him play on special teams last year at the game that I was watching. Tough. Toledo area has another OLB (2016) who really tested well at my combine. Great attitude. Big, strong. Listed 6'2-215.
     Another QB in the Class of 2016 came to my combine both his 7th and 8th grade years. Played last year as a freshman in Dayton area. Also in Southwest Ohio a high school has a freshman who started in three varsity sports. Tremendous athlete. Tough competitior.
     These young prospects need to be exposed the right way. They do not need to be "blown-up" as  great prospects. I do not need a certain amount of "stories" to make money. I do not have to be the first one to write about these young men. As long as the colleges are aware of these young men, I am good. But, young high school college prospects will get enough media attention over the years, but does it have to start now?
      Interesting problem. Any comments? Remember this is not a "message board."

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