Sunday, May 19, 2013

Back to Work on the Blog

      Just sat down on this Sunday afternoon, and, honestly, the first time in awhile I really feel that I can concentrate on some blog entries. I always go to early church on Sunday and that leaves the whole day open for me to think and relax. As many know, I live on four acres, south of Upper Sandusky, and still think that I can do all of the physical work that needs done around here. Just about have the outside under control. Back to football.
       The MSROHIO Underclassman Showcase is coming along well. Pre-registration is going well. Jnue 9th on a Sunday, and I thought that would be a less conflict day. I think Kentucky is having a one day. I know West Virginia is, and I am losing a really good linebacker (2015) to that camp. I can handle that, because WVU does a really good job. Kentucky, oh well? Working on QB's really hard. Ben Mauk and Matty Daniels work with the QB's. Have some huge OL guys coming. Also have some really good LB's coming.
       As part of what I do, I like to visit with head football coaches around the state. When one has been doing this business as long as I have, unless you are a "village idiot," you develop a good relationship with almost every head coach out there. The Cincinnati area has alot of veteran younger coaches who do a tremendous job. Always fun to visit them, because they show me alot of respect. Probably because I am old enough to be their father.
       Just finished thhe earliest and the most detailed underclassman list that I have ever put together. The Ohio Class of 2015 has almost four hundred names with contact information and measurements, including GPA's. I also put an early rating on these prospects. Of course, way too early to take the rating serious, but gives the colleges and myself an idea of where to start. Also have almost one hundred prospects in the Ohio Class of 2016. As crazy as it may sound, I have twelve propscets from the Ohio Class of 2017. Be advised that the high school coach has given me these names. I did not get them off some Rivals or Scout list. Of course, the hogh school coach is much more crediable.
      Have been attending alot of track meets this spring. Watched two baseball game. The district track meets are this week. Plans are to be at Nordonia on Tuesday. Watched and talked with OSU bound Jalin Marshall last Wednesday. Also had a chance to watch one of my favorites run recently. Hilliard Davidson's Phillipie, listed 5'11-170 is quickly establishing himself as one of the better CB's in the Ohio Class of 2014.
       I want to compliment Troy's Alex Dalton (2014). His dad told me that he committed to play football for Oklahoma. Plans are to play center. Alex has worked hard and that work should pay back big for him.
      We have encountered two speed bumps in the planning for the Ohio-Michigan  -" Borderline Classic." The game is to be played next summer. Things, I am sure, will workout.
      Finally, one of my top assistants in the combine/camp world just finished acting in a new movie to be out next year. Do not know too much, but Charles Gresham will be in the movie as a football player. He still looks good in a football uniform. Congrats to Chuck, but now he is back to his fulltime job as Director of the D-1 Training facility north of Columbus.
      Take care. Need to do some phone work. The blog is back.

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