Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Shopping and a Visit to Danville HS

      Busy day ahead. My late wife formed the Christmas list, did the majority of the shopping, and wrapped most of the gifts. Over the last nine years, I have taken on all of the those responsilities. Yes, all of those repsonsibilites. Today is the day, I make the effort to get the majority of these fun and stressful tasks done. Well, maybe not done-done, but a huge part done.
      The key is to tie in business with pleasure. Kill two birds with one stone. After I finish shopping in Columbus today, I am heading to Danville High School to watch a young offensive lineman play basketball. Only a junior, I am looking forward to eyeballing him and watching him compete.
      Danville High School? How many Division I college football players have come out of Danville High School? Not the point. The point is that I think it is imperative to check out these young men. Last year, I watched a big OL guy from Minford play basketball. Did the same for a 2013 prospect from Wayne Trace High School. Last that I heard, he was getting a scholarship to Akron.
      Finding a college prospect at Colerain, Glenville, or St Ignatius is not that hard. Even an internet media recruiting reporter can do that. I doubt that many recruiting reporters would travel to a "Danville" to watch a propect, unless Michigan or Ohio State is recruiting him. Of course, scouting talent is not what they do. Writing content on high school recruits is what they do.
      I always use the Washington Redskins left guard as my motivation for traveling to watch a prospect from a small school program. Kory Lichtensteiger played both basketball and football for Crestview High School in Northwest Ohio. The Knights were not real successful in football, but better than average in basketball. Did not see Kory play football, except on video. However, I did see him play basketball. Listed at that time about 6'3-260, he could move his feet and had strong hands. Most of all, he was aggressive.
      Kory earned a football scholarship to Bowling Green, and in the 2008 NFL Draft went to the Denver Broncos in the fourth round. For the past four years, he has been the starting left guard for the Washington Redskins.
      As I drive to watch high school football recruits play other sports, I think of guys like Kory Lichtensteiger. From a small school program, but has large school ability. The chance to play in the League is almost impossible, but as Kory Lichtensteiger has proven, not impossible!
      And for me, anytime I get a chance to watch a big lineman play hoops, I start the engine.

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