Monday, December 3, 2012

Comments on the OHSAA State Football Championship Games

The Ohio High School State Football Championships were this past weekend. Because I have seen most of the college prospects who were playing in these games, I stayed home to watch most of  the games live on the flat screen. Staying home allowed me to do some final preps in getting ready for winter. Staying home also allowed me time to get some Christmas decorations put up.

As I do with most sporting events on the flat screen, I turn the volume down low enough just to be able to hear some sound. Football announcers have a tendency to be "experts" and that can get silly at times. I will say that Greg Frye does the best as far as the "color guy" on the broadcasts. Former player (which means little to me), he does his homework. Watches alot of games. Sees the game. Shows no "pseudo emotion." All in all, Greg Frye just does a good job.

I read in the Dispatch yesterday about attendance figures for each game. Being a high school football guy, declining attendance is of concern to me. One idea is not to continue to raise admission to the playoff games. I read someplace that 98% of the young men playing high school football do not go onto play in college. With that said, we have alot of families who have to make a decision on how to spend their income. Taking a family of five to Massillon/Canton to watch their son play, or just to watch their son be on the team may not be the best way to spend part of their income. Add travel and food, things do get expensive. Now I am not talking big time college football games. I am talking high school football. I wish more people had the extra money to attend.

Television has gotten huge. I would guess that the television package that the OHSAA gets is good. At least, I would hope so. Would a tape-delayed game serve just as well? Probably not. At least on tape delayed, one could still record it and watch the game anytime. For me, the flat screen is good, because you can really evaluate, because there alot of replays.

Or maybe the problem is just that there are so many other sports going on, both in the high schools and on the college level that we have too many choices.  Even though I really enjoy high school football, if my daughter was playing any level of basketball, I would be at her game. Regardless of what I do, I would be in attendance at her game.

Moving the finals to Columbus and Ohio State cuts down one hour of travel time for me, which is good. Gettingthe State Chamionships back to Columbus was the work of former coach Jim Tressel. I knew Coach Tressel's intentions, but with the new head coach at Ohio State things could change. Do not know, but hope Urban Meyer sees the importance of the games. I like John Cooper, but he did not. Being centrally located may help attendance.

Hats off to the people in Canton and Massillon. They have done a tremendous job over the years. Organized and cooperative. Many volunteers. Some of the frustrations are not from their staff. Always enjoy parking along the street on the hill. Going down the hill is easy, but a bear going up the hill at Fawcett. At Massillon parking is good.

My only problem has been getting credentials to be on the sideline. College scouting services are not allowed on the field. Now I am a service of one. Colleges pay me. I run camps and combines to get kids exposure. My website is meant to help parents and players and to promote players. No charge. College coaches talk with me about Ohio prospects. I speak with schools about the recruiting process for FREE. Finally, I return every email or phone call from parents in regards to footbball recruiting. I work with the Ohio High School Football Coaches with information on recruiting. But the OHSAA has hard and fast rules for con-men like me.

Finally, I did see one game this year. Newark Catholic versus Marion Local. Now they probaly will not be FIVE STARS, but I really like both QB's. Both are scholarship QB's, but right now, I do not know what level. Keep an eye on Newark Catholic's Chayce Crouch and Marion Local's Adam Bertke.

Of course, last year I really liked Toledo Central Catholic's, DeShone Kiser. This year I watched him against Avon High School and liked him more. A recruiting reporter told me he thought that he was just okay. I said, "Really?" He pointed out some weaknesses. I guess I do not like DeShone anymore.

High school football season is officially over. Time to work on my directory for the colleges. The combine dates and sites are finalized. Time to watch Hudl highlight video to evaluate propects in the Classes of 2014, 2015, and yes, 2016. Perhaps the most enjoyment that I get is watching high school football players play basketball or wrestle. In fact, I will be in C-bus on Tuesday night.

Take care. Time to put a Christmas wreath on my late wife's grave. This puts not qualifying for credentials from the OHSAA into perspective.

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