Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday Morning at Koehler Stadium in Upper Sandusky

Saturday morning and I may be going through a little withdrawl. No high school football games last night or today. Basketball now, but I really only go to those games to watch football players play basketball. High school football and high school track are the two sports I most enjoy watching. A little withdrawl, but also a little frustration this morning.

I cannot find any Christmas cards have anything to do with the real reason for the season. Three stores so far and no cards with a Christian theme. Nothing about Jesus Christ or angels. Snoopy, Santa, and sleds, but no religous themes. Maybe I will have to wait until Easter. Alittle thing maybe, but kinda of strange.

In Koehler Drug I ran into my good friend, Mark Ratliff. Like Mark alot, but I am really frustrated with him. Good guy. Works hard. Great wife. Good family man. Does alot for the city of Upper Sandusky. Supports local sports. But, my problem, he is a Michigan fan. Can you believe it? Born in Ohio. Raised in Ohio. Works in Ohio. I mean he actually cheers for Michigan. Even wears their colors. When the Wolverines lose in either basketball of football, he actually feels bad  I thought that it was a "given," that if you were born in Ohio, you were a Buckeye. Actually, I was reluctant to use his name here, for fear some fans might retaliate. Or, he could possibly lose his job. Heard that he is a Steelers' fan. A good friend, but our friendship will never be the same.

I have to mention one more thing about my morning. If you ever visit Upper Sandusky, and you are a fan of Ohio State University football and basketball, visiting Koehler Drug is a must. Owners, Andy and Brenda  Koehler have built a tremendous business selling Ohio State football gifts and merchandise. Small town atmosphere, but big town Buckeye "stuff." Check out their website - And, yes, Andy (brother of former WBNS-TV news anchor, Dave Kaylor) is a "horse blinders" Ohio State fan. The very talkative president of Ohio State University, Gordon Gee has been a guest.

But that is not the story. The story is I met a guy called "The Big Nut." This guy is probably all of 6'4 and a lot of weight. His face was painted in red/silver. He was dressed in OSU "stuff." Actually I do not remember the exact outfit. He gave me his business card. Have no clue why he was dressed and painted the way he was, but he is on Facebook - "Jon BigNut Peters." Have not made time to check it out, but just feel that I should promote him. With his Buckeye paint and dress, he seemed a part of Kohler Stadium.

Have a wonderful weekend. The second season of high school football is heating-up. Actually this second season, at times, becomes more frustrating to me than the regular season. Football recruiting is now in full swing. Keep yourself healthy by not believing half of the "junk" that you read.

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