Monday, December 10, 2012

North-South Allstar-Classic / An Ohio-Michigan All-Star Game?

I read on a website in Cleveland that the North-South All-Satr Classic is changing from the traditional one game to a two game, one price, one place event. Simply check out the front page of this website.

Also read that are plans for an Ohio-Michigan Allstar game in 2014. I will tell you that this game is in the very early planning stages. Nothing is definite. No site has been determine. No alternating between a sight in Ohio and a site in Michigan has been determined. I will tell you that no date has been set. Again, I will tell you again that an Ohio-Michigan All-Star is only in the very early planning stages.

The two games for the North-South All-Star Classic is a done deal. But I am really intrigued with the report of an Ohio-Michigan All-Star game. I am very familiar with what is going on with the possibilites of this game.

What leaks to the media sometimes really amazes me.

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