Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Untested Prospect in Warren

      Sometimes even a blind squirrel can find a nut. This was the case last Friday night at the Warren Harding - Cleveland Heights football game.
      I was standing along the Harding sidelines, and this young man was standing beside me wearing a Harding jersey. Passed the eyeball test. I asked him if he was injured, and he said, "No." More small talk. "So, did you play last year?" Another, "No." He went on to tell me that he was on the freshman team at Warren Harding. My immediate thought was - "Oh, my!"
     This freshman  probably measures 6'1-190 on a solid frame. Told me he ran a 4.8/40, which is good. Most players generally answer, "4.5." Of course, that is usually not true. 4.5 is a number that they have heard used for skilled players, so that often is the automatic response. This dude(modern term) was honest and I like that. Talked to him about what to expect in the recruiting madness ahead. Also gave him the names of "jock sniffers" to be cautious of. As with any feshman, asked him about the classroom. He has a 3.49 GPA.
     Talked for about five minutes and then the halftime was over. As I was leaving, I told him (if he wanted and had time) he should go to my website and email me a player information form. When I checked my emails Saturday morning, his player information was there. He had emailed the infro around 11:00 Friday night. That alone tells me something about a young prospect.
     Very few freshmen, in this case players in the Class of 2016, get much public recognition from me. Just too early. Some are no brainers, like Jalin Marshall (Middletown) or Dymonte Thomas (Marlington). For me, they were "offers" after their freshman year. Now the young man I met last Friday is not on the level of those two, but my guess is that he will begin getting attention next year as a sophomore.
     For some reason, the name Herron is really popular in the Warren area. Boom's nephew really impressed me last Friday night. Now, I have not seen him in pads, nor have I seen him in any camps. But, I like what I saw and heard last Friday.. Hopefully, even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while.

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