Monday, October 22, 2012

"Big 33" People Drop Ohio in the Allstar Game

Pennsylvania organizers for the "Big 33" All Star football game have notified the Ohio High School Football Coaches Directors that they are no longer interested in playing Ohio in the "Big 33" game held in Hershey, PA. They are going to sign a five year agreement with Maryland.

Amazing to me. Bush league move. The OHSFCA Director's have gone overboard to work with the "Big 33" Directors. I mean overboard. I know, because I am at the meetings and know just some of what was going on. Last year, 2012 was a one year extension. Not good enough for PA.

The biggest problem is that Ohio was beating Pennsylvania almost every summer. "Big 33" directors instituted new rules every year. New rules, even while the games were in progress. They kept uping the fees every year. I really can not go into details, but the average Ohio high school football follower would be amazed at all that went on. The PA players tried to intimidate Ohio players, only to get beat on the field

Due to players leaving early for college. Due to players leaving for summer school. Due to players afraid of injury. Due to some college football coaches asking their recruits not to play in the game (Yes they did). Ohio could not always send the very high profile players. But Ohio coaches sent really good players who played with much pride and emotion. Of course, they still beat Pennylvania. Now, PA plays Maryland.

Honestly, in some ways I am glad that we humiliated them so often that they had to drop us. Ohio has to sit back and take a long look at the situation. The Directors will meet in December. The "Big 33" Directors have been pushing Ohio around. Not Ohio's fault the game was losing money.

Hopefully, the Ohio North-South Allstar Directors  will look to see how that game can be improved. First, get it out of Ohio Stadium. Change the date. Change the starting time. Crew Stadium is interested in hosting the game. This time keep the Columbus Visitors Bureau out of the picture. There are some other improvments needed. Due to renovating Ohio Stadium, the game will not be played there this summer.

Everything will workout for the best. I guess if I were the Pennsylvania people and were beaten by the Ohio players year in and year out, I would stop playing Ohio, also. By the way, the Big 33 people said that after the five year contract with Maryland is over, they would be glad to sit down with Ohio  and talk about the series.

People have to remember that even though California, Texas, Florida, and Georgia produce many top players, Ohio is one of the best high school football organizations in the country. Excellent coaches and many well coached players throughout the state. Excellent playoff system. Pennsylvania throwing in the towel is tough to take, but we are Ohio.

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