Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hats Off to Coach John Cooper Again

I have mentioned former Ohio State University Head Football Coach  John Cooper in blogs before, but I want to applaude him one more time. Whether it is "old age wisdom," or simply "big time class," Coach Cooper has done it again.

Loyalty is huge for me. Always has been and always will be. Sometimes being loyal can almost be a fault. Ohio State football players, just like anyother college football program, are, for the most part, loyal to the coach for whom they played. Coach Hayes had "Woody's boys;" Coach Bruce had "Earle's boys;" Coach Cooper had "Coop's boys;" Coach Tressell had "Tress's boys;" Of course, Coach Meyers will have "Urban's boys."

Head football Coach Bo Pellini at Nebraska was recruited by and played two years for Coach Bruce. The final two years he played for John Cooper. Two different coaching philosophies. Of course, Coach Bruce's exit was not good for many Buckeye fans and Buckeye football players. I remember how some of the players handled the change in coaching, which is understandable.

If you read the comments that John Cooper made to the Dispatch recently about Bo Pellini's years at Ohio State, you appreciate the class of John Cooper. If you read futher about the communications that they have had over the years since, you appreciate the class of John Cooper. Bo Pellini was a 4.65 guy who played with every bit of ability that he had. He was a hard nosed blue collar guy from Youngstown. But I remember watching the sidelines during Ohio Sate games, and I appreciate the class of John Cooper.

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